Abandon Pornography Addiction - Be Free

Abandon Pornography Addiction – Be Free

Pornography undermines sex and destroys relationship. It also destroys your integrity. Create a physical boundary between you and pornography. Take a necessary action not to look lustfully at the opposite sex. Avoid tempting situations.

Pornography is increasing in popularity and accessibility, and many think of it as harmless fun. Stay away from the great and terrible flood of pornography that is sweeping across the earth and makes a few men rich while it destroys many others who become enslaved to it. Stay away from it!

Stop Porn Addiction, Chronic Masturbation, Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Exhaustion has been helping to change the lives of countless men that unfortunately fell victim to excessive, habitual porn-use, over-masturbation and the plethora of side-effects that can accompany them.

Imagine a drug so powerful it can destroy a family simply by distorting a man’s perception of his wife. Picture an addiction so lethal it has the potential to render an entire generation incapable of forming lasting marriages. Consider a narcotic so insidious that it evades serious scientific study and legislative action for decades.

Abandon Pornography Addiction - Be Free

Abandon Pornography Addiction – Be Free

Pornography is the twisted manipulation of innocence for the raw crave of erotic appetite, masturbation, isolation, emotional destruction, physical and spiritual. Stop using porn as a pain reliever. Face reality, don’t run from it. Neurological data suggest its effects on the brain are strikingly similar to those of synthetic drugs.

Pornography is degrading, dehumanizing, and corrupting. It undermines self-respect and respect for others. It reduces persons—creatures bearing profound, inherent, and equal dignity—to the status of objects. It robs a central aspect of our humanity —our sexuality —of its dignity and beauty. It ensnares some in addiction. It deprives others of their sense of self-worth. It teaches our young people to settle for the cheap satisfactions of lust, rather than to do the hard, yet ultimately liberating and fulfilling, work of love.

Pornography addiction and the internet have always been natural partners in crime. The internet provides the privacy that makes such an addiction possible, as well as the widespread availability and volume of content that may help to fuel increasingly obsessive behavior. While pornographic imagery has been around since the beginnings of civilization, a recognition of pornography addiction is only recently beginning to make waves.

Scientists who study addiction now believe that behavioral addiction follows the same patterns of neurological motivation and reward-seeking in the brain. Simply put, our brains are wired to enjoy and seek out things that are important for our individual happiness and survival, and the survival of the species: things like food and sex. However, the ability of a healthy brain to recognize when a need or want has been satisfied is inhibited in an addicted individual. Rather than feeling satisfied, an addicted brain continues to receive messages to pursue a certain reward.

Porn addiction is as real as any other chronic dependency. Sure, you’re not injecting or ingesting anything into your body. But chronic porn viewing does have a physical effect (exhaustion of dopamine release in the brain). And the time spent ’ingesting’ porn is mind-numbing and leaves you exhausted. Being addicted to porn isn’t, strangely, just about sex. Viewing porn is hypnotic in that it narrows the focus of attention and makes us lose track of time.

Pornography is a widespread and serious problem. It hurts your spirit and infects your mind with unclean thoughts. It damages your relationships. Do everything you can to avoid pornography in the future. That might mean getting rid of your cell phone and your Internet access, except in public places, with strong Internet filters installed. Pornography ruined my life, but I have finally broken the addiction after much suffering.

There is more to pornography addiction than simply loading up a website of images or streamed movies starring the world’s biggest adult movie stars, getting to grips with it and then moving onto another activity. With a world full of sexually suggestive adverts and characters in fiction and video games, it is little wonder that porn has become increasingly socially acceptable, certainly within a subculture of teenagers and young men.

Symptoms typical to those that use pornography

Tiredness; Social anxiety; Depression; Isolation; Insecurity; Erectile dysfunction; Lack of interest in real sex; Lack of interest in anything other than porn; Relationship/marital issues

What do you think of porn? Is it something you regularly view? Do you and your friends or roommates often spend time looking at, discussing and even sharing adult material?

Many who view pornography fear that a disclosure to their spouse may place their marriage at risk. Yet some studies indicate that most marriages stay intact if both partners are willing to work through the problems together. Sometimes individuals put off disclosure because they fear they will hurt their spouse. A reason like this is usually just an excuse to protect the individuals with the problem from their spouse’s reaction and from other consequences of their behavior.

Pornography addiction can lead to: masturbation, desensitization, immorality. The addict runs an increased risk of making the leap from screen to real life: promiscuity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, group sex, sadomasochism and extramarital affairs. All married women should take seriously the signs of a sexual addiction, before it is too late.

Pornography puts relational blinders on us — it deeply impedes our ability to love others well. So, the best course of action is to walk as if we have physical blinders on: Tread slowly, and assume that we are currently very vulnerable and prone to treat those around us as subhuman.

Substance use disorders are often characterized by destructive physical effects on the body. These substances frequently cause significant damage to the body’s organ systems in addition to creating a physical dependency that promotes substance-seeking behavior. In contrast, the negative effects of a behavioral addiction are associated with mental and emotional decline that can itself lead to physical and social detriment.

Pornography addiction falls under the broader category of sexual addiction. Focus in on the tiredness, the self-disgust and disappointment, the feeling of foggy-headedness. Get into the habit of doing this. It’s like unmasking a seemingly attractive stranger and discovering the ugly reality. At this point, you may feel conflicted. It’s as if one part of your brain is trying to trick the rest of you. Gain insight into how porn addiction works.

It’s often been said that the largest sexual organ is the brain. If you feel genuinely sexy, then rather than dulling your imagination by passively watching porn, learn to fantasize.

The first part to quitting porn is you really have to want to quit porn. You have to decide that you are worth living porn free. You are not the only one being affected if you are married. She is in pain because of your porn usage. Your children are being affected as well. They deserve the best man you can be.

As long as porn is in your mind, you will have a lot of trouble letting it go. The correct approach is to just forget about it. Get clear that watching porn is not a part of your life anymore. It’s a thing of the past. I believe that the most important thing is to become aware of your porn consumption.

I often suggest that people think honestly about their temptations. One individual who tried this approach realized the women depicted in pornography would not act that way in real life. He learned that the images he saw were enhanced using computer technology and did not represent reality. He further discovered that some of the actors indulged in alcohol or drugs to numb their feelings, allowing them to participate in degrading activities.

Porn use creates the impression that aberrant sexual practices are more common than they really are, and that promiscuous behavior is normal. After viewing porn, men look at women more as objects than as human beings.

Pornography addicts will abandon other hobbies and allow relationships to dissolve in order to free them to pursue their addiction. The addiction can also have a negative affect on an addict’s ability to complete work at home, at school, or on the job. The antisocial nature of an internet pornography addiction may make the potential social/emotional ramifications more pronounced. Since people generally view pornography in isolation, the social interactions of someone with an internet pornography addiction can quickly evaporate altogether.

Society is gradually coming to grips with the reality that viewing pornography is not just a benign practice. Pornography promises quick access to sexual freedom, relief, and pleasure with few strings attached. But in reality users end up feeling empty and guilty, and can even become ensnared in a cycle of addiction.

The desolation of being an addict to pornography

The desolation of being an addict to pornography

Pornography addiction is pandemic. Men are not the only ones who have this struggle anymore. Many grow up with an unclean spirit regarding sex. The consequences of sexual sin was emphasized, so, sex in total was seen as bad. The proper context was not talked about and modeled. Only the bad was highlighted. Pornography addiction hijacks the brain. Porn trains people to be lazy regarding intimacy. Pornography displays sex as quick, easy and always intense.

Modern culture portrays sex as a constant intensity, with little emphasis for how much work real relationship is. In fact, many couples struggle with sex when they get married.

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Pornography addiction comes out of an excessive need to be loved, with a rejection spirit connected to this. It usually goes back to their relationship with their father. They never received the revelation of a father’s love over their life. Without a father’s love over our lives, a man will look to the woman’s beauty to satisfy that emptiness.

A Word of Support from Religion

We must internalize Scripture, the inspired words of the Spirit. To walk in the Spirit, we need to renovate our thoughts according to the truths He has revealed, rejecting the lies pornography has fed us.

We must stir up the hope the Spirit inspires in us—the hope of righteousness. To walk in the Spirit, we need to wait eagerly for this hope, putting faith in God’s promises that we are destined for an eternity of purity, and longing to see that purity spill over into our present lives.

Porn disconnects us from real relationships, training us to believe that the best sex is solo-sex. But God has defined good sex as an expression of “oneness,” not emotional detachment (Gen. 2:24).

At first, relating to God as a dearly loved son or daughter may sound overly simplistic. When fighting the deteriorating effects of sin in our hearts we cry out for action steps, for methods that summon our willpower—not sentiments about love. But this is the very thing the gospel of Christ warns against.

Walking in the Spirit is a lifetime journey, but as we keep in step with Him, we are promised that the desires of the flesh will not overwhelm us. We can finally be free.

Pornography is not of God. The repentance process is long and painful, but it is possible! You have to have the desire to change, to perceive the gravity of the sin, and above all to seek help from Heavenly Father. To avoid falling into temptation, I have a picture of Jesus Christ beside my computer. He is always there watching me! Whenever pornographic images or music comes into my mind, I sing a hymn and soon these evil things are forgotten.

God indeed wants us to have wonderful and pleasurable sex. He clearly mentions this in His Holy Word, the Bible. The Book of Songs of Songs for starters, speaks of sex very explicitly between a man and a woman.

The enemy of his soul will try to persuade him that sexual gratification is more precious than fellowship with his Creator. If a man buys that lie, he gives himself over to the power of evil forces that sir up his sin nature and soon that man will listen to the devil rather than the Holy Spirit.

If your mind has become a battlefield — darkened by the use of pornography, which has distorted your basic attitudes toward life — you have already yielded a good deal of territory, and your willingness to concede it has already cost a terrible price to you, your loved ones, and the church. God grant that today you find yourself ready to abandon the dark and see again how wonderful the true light can be.

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