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The difference between those who are successful and those who are not, is not the amount of money that they start out with, it is not the education, it is not any of the external factors, it is the ability to TRUST your own self, and BELIEVE in your own ideas and ALLOW the success to freely come your way. There are hundreds of thousands of books written on this topic, however, I will only speak from my own experience. There is absolutely NOTHING that is stopping you but YOUR OWN SELF.

It is simply FALSE that there is something that you cannot do, everyone is capable of achieving that which they have come here to do. You have absolutely NO EXCUSES to not succeed in what you have come here to do, unless of course your journey does not involve success and freedom, but suffering and pain. Though, that doesn’t seem likely as you wouldn’t be reading this here article right now.

Loss is as much a part of human existence as breathing

Fully Acknowledge, Accept, and Embrace Your Abundant Nature. The secret to feeling your abundant nature is to open your heart, and fully embrace the abundance that has already blessed your life. Let your armor melt away. Remove any shielding around your heart and imagine throwing it into a big fire. Breathe deeply and physically open your arms wide, inviting this abundant Universe into your heart. With each in-breath, imagine that EVERYTHING in the entire Universe is pouring into your heart; all the stars, planets, Earth, and all its people. Feel how truly abundant life already is. Let your heart welcome it all!

Place beautiful images of money in your awareness. Get some fake money, photocopied money (for personal use only) or stock images of money and place it in an area that is in your visual awareness quite often. It could be the fridge, the bathroom mirror, your vision board, your bedroom ceiling – pretty much anywhere that you can imprint your subconscious mind. Surround yourself in imagery of prosperity and see what happens.

Commit random acts of money kindness. Whatever you put out there comes back to you. When you commit a random act of kindness the energy is bound to head back in your direction (as long as you don’t expect it). Drop $5 in the bathroom when the cleaner is in there or perhaps pay for the coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks.

This is such a feel-good exercise in tuning into the energy of abundant flow. You are giving the Universe the message that you have more than enough prosperity to share around. The Bank of the Universe is open and with The Secret Check you can visualize the unlimited abundance that is yours for the asking.


You will manifest exactly what you hold in your mind with faith and clarity. In other words, the secret is that you will eventually manifest what thoughts or messages you radiate out to the higher power or infinite source or God. The mechanism behind this to be understood is that the Universe faithfully duplicates or mirrors your thoughts and emotions and brings them before you in terms of physical realities such as products, persons or circumstances. You can also understand it this way that the Universe very faithfully echoes whatever you think, repeat or affirm. This is the sum and substance of the law of manifestation, which must always be kept in mind. As we proceed further, we shall appreciate it better and learn the techniques to apply it in our lives to manifest money and prosperity.

Use Power of Visualization to Manifest Money: Usually affirmations and visualization go hand in hand. The secret to the Universal law is that more faculties of the self we the better it is. By visualizing what you need to manifest, you can feel better, giving rise to stronger feelings and emotions. Another benefit to visualization is that you can double check how would you look with the manifested things in your hands or with you. This helps you to do corrections, if felt intuitively by you. Now firmly establish a picture of what you want in your mind.
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Have precise goals. Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth & Prosperity You must know exactly what you want. It is better to write down precisely what you want, look at your goals several times a day – until you achieve it. If you are vague or weak in your belief about what you want or how much money you want or by when you want then by the previous 2 features explained to you, you can understand that Universe too shall be vague or weak in manifesting what you want.

The Secret to Abundance: Give What You Want to Receive

Why is it that the fastest way to receive anything we want more of in our lives is to give it to someone else? Because the act of giving raises our vibration (the frequency generated by the sum total of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and desires), and places us in an ideal state to receive the very experience that we created on behalf of another. We live in a universe in which people and events are magnetized together by virtue of how similar they are in energy. “Like attracts like” is the essence of the all-powerful Law of Attraction. When we understand this law, we realize that the same quality of energy we generate for others, we also generate for ourselves. The act of giving shifts our mindset from one of lack to one of abundance. It is a declaration to the Universe that we have more than enough – time, attention, money, energy, happiness, and every other type of resource – to share. And this powerful declaration, done for the sake of another, actually increases the level of abundance we experience within ourselves.

Once you set in your mind what you want, you now know that there is a tiny little bridge for you to get there, you just need to pull it to you, just close that gap. In order for you to get there, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

Welcome with Gratitude the Abundance that is all Around You

Even if at first you are up against what seems like obstacles to you, even if there is something that is not going quite right, do not look at it as obstacles but opportunities, clearly the universe is stirring you in the right direction. If however, you feel that your project is exhausting you and you are really not happy with it, you should not proceed. In order for anything to be successful you MUST be fully and completely IN LOVE with this idea, you must enjoy it, if you do not, then it is not for you.

Welcome with Gratitude the Abundance that is all Around You. There is an abundance of people on the planet to create things for you, grow food for you, and supply water to drink. Let in the abundance of joy, pleasure, opportunities, and laughter into your heart. Feel this abundance of support at your very core. You have already been and will always be blessed by the abundance of the Universe. You may have partially closed the door to feeling this abundance due to past conditioning or scarcity thinking. When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.

The Law of Attraction applies to your physical actions as well as to your emotional and mental state of being. Every action you take sends out an energetic frequency into the world. The movement of your body shifts the molecules inside you and around you on a physical level. This energetic movement is directly linked to the types of things you manifest or don’t manifest into your life. When you take actions from an inspired expanded heart, you send out positive expansive energy which magnetizes even more of what you desire. Engaging in consistent inspired actions throughout your day will create a momentum of powerful manifesting energy, which will quickly materialize into the financial abundance you desire. So today, take a moment to tune into your heart and find out what it is really excited and inspired to do! Start with that first action step that truly inspire s you (it may be small), and then add on another one. You will soon see an inspired momentum of energy take over you which will catapult you forwarded into the financial abundance you are seeking.

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Meditation: Breathing in abundance! Take 10 minutes to visualize yourself surrounded in prosperity. With every image that lands in your mind, take a deep breath and imagine you are replacing your oxygen with the energy of abundance and wealth. This infuses every atom in your body with a new and vibrant energy of possibility.

The greatest thing about death is that it helps us grow up. It matures us. It brings wisdom. It strengthens our bones.

Learn to love your bills! When they land in your inbox or your letter box make sure that you mentally send them love and say thank you to the Universe for the services you have received in exchange for the bill. Draw little hearts on them and use the bills as an affirmation that prosperity flows into your life in many forms in order for you to pay your bills on time. Whatever you do, don’t send the bills negative energy. Try and re-frame your perspective. Remember that more than 80% of the world’s population survive on less than $10 per day. There’s something to think about.

Acquire Wealth Consciousness: soak and saturate your mind with ideas of lavishness and magnificence, convincing yourself that you live in the world of abundance. Often see the pictures of Money, Wealth, Opulence represented by luxury houses, big farm houses, luxury cars, expensive jewelry and also visit the show rooms of these brands. While many books and articles on the subject may talk a lot on other points, but often they fail to emphasis enough on this part of the ultimate secret.

Learn to receive: This suggests that you should be open to receiving from others. Strangely, a lot of attention is paid to other things by the practitioners of the law of manifestation but they fail to open the doors when it comes to receiving it. This is most crucial part of the secret to manifestation of money.

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