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You practice forgiveness with each other

Numerology is a science that studies numbers and their influence on people’s lives through the interpretation of numerical vibrations. She studies the hidden meaning of numbers and their influence on everyday life, spirituality, intellect, among others. Through numerological analysis it is possible to evaluate important aspects of the personal life of the individual (or even of a company), of his soul, of his personality, of possible accomplishments, challenges, cycles, among others, as well as determining the character and tendencies of personality of the people.

Numerology is a tool of self-knowledge that identifies the numbers that represent the essence of the person and what they symbolize in terms of behavior, challenges, learning, etc. making the person discover their deepest characteristics, and from there, pointing out the possible paths according to their characteristics, showing behavioral tendencies, situations and profile of people that the individual can attract to his life. Numerology is a method that helps us to understand reality and, consequently, what the future will bring us, helping us to transform it.

Numerology, a science that originated in Hindu and Arab teachings and traditions, but which also has Greek, Babylonian and Hebrew Chinese influences, states that numbers are the only elements in the universe that always remain unchanged. According to this philosophy, the numbers do not govern, but they influence and guide our life, and can influence our character and destiny.