Affectionate Words

Affectionate Words for a Beloved Man

Affectionate Words for a Beloved Man.

As they say, “a woman loves ears,” but who said that a man will be against gentle treatment? Be sure, he will not protest, on the contrary, he growls with pleasure, like a sour cream sowed cat. Just do not tie your affectionate appeal to a man to a situation where you need something from him, for example, when you burned an iron with his favorite shirt or smashed his car.

In this case, he will accurately develop an incorrect conditioned reflex.

The role of affectionate words

It is a mistake to think that affectionate words are appropriate only in the period of courtship. When people can not yet breathe one another, such communication between them is self-evident. In family life, everything is more complicated. It is not without reason that there is an opinion that relations deteriorate in everyday life.

And why? Because we no longer have time to support your loved one, to say a few gentle words. In short, we are no longer behaving like we were before our marriage, although by and large nothing hinders us.

It’s hard to argue that there are people who find it difficult to say affectionate words to a loved one. What can we do about it? But sometimes you can cross yourself too. Remember how nice it was to you, when you were treated kindly, complimented, remember how sharply your mood was improving. Here so.
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And now imagine yourself in the place of your husband when he comes home from work tired, and you instead of caressing him, pounce with the claims. Do you feel the difference?

When and how to say sweet words

That’s really something, and you can not be shy in expressing your feelings. However, you need to adhere to several rules.

  1. Never hold back your spiritual impulse when you want to praise your loved one. The words of tenderness, expressed when you want to say them, are the most sincere and most valuable.
  2. Never say compliments, waiting to hear a compliment, because not hearing an answer to your address, you can get upset and spoil the mood not only to yourself, but also to the person to whom you just said something good.
  3. Do not overdo it. There is a great risk to go to extremes, having gone through all the well-known affectionate words for one or two days. It is best to choose a few kindly appeals and use them from time to time, when the situation really has to use them.
  4. Speak tenderness emotionally, investing in the said soul. Otherwise your beloved man may not notice a gentle phrase among the stream of words. Sometimes women, tormented by the throes of pride, say compliments to men so quietly and casually that they are left unattended, and the desire to say something like that is completely repulsed.

What words to say to your beloved?

Gentle phrases should be short and capacious. Do not smear a handful of meaning, a whole paragraph of the text. Let it be a simple “I love you” than a long phrase with a lot of “because” and “if”. Do not know what to say? This is easy.

  1. Nicknames. Call your beloved a gentle nickname, for example, a hare, a kitten, a bear cub, a tiger, a lion cub, a sun.
  2. Express your attitude to his strength: a hero, tireless, strong, muscular, pumped up.
  3. Make a compliment of appearance: handsome, sexy, impeccable, stately, tall, impressive, great.
  4. Mark your attitude towards him: beloved, dear, desired, good, sweet, dear, very-very.

Perhaps, we will not list here all sorts of affectionate words, but let us leave you, dear women, space for creative imagination. Only we will show that compliments can concern a figure, eyes, voice, growth, abilities, well, much, much, much more. Remember that a woman by nature is more gentle, kind, affectionate, so why do not you take the first step toward improving your relationship?

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