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Be An Alpha Male: What 97% Of Women Expect From A Man?

Even if you review the movie What Women Want 10 times a week and then read all the books about women’s psychology, you will not know the truth even by one-tenth. But this article will open to you at least half the truth.

Be an Alpha Male: What 97% of women expect from a man?

What is there to think about – it’s clear that they are waiting for flowers, courtship, romance. To stop her, when she leaves, to calm and always be with her – so most men think.

Perhaps you will be surprised, but in fact, women want a completely different. Their true deep desires are fundamentally different from how we are used to thinking about it. And, most interestingly, you’ll never know about these desires either from the women themselves, or even from most men.
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Don’t listen to her!

Surely you will be surprised, but she does not want you to listen to her. Even if she says the opposite. Even if all her appearance shows her frustration.

It has been repeatedly proven that once a man begins to adjust to her rules or desires, his male attractiveness drops dramatically.
True, at the very beginning it is not noticeable, because immediately after the man has adjusted for her, she will show joy and approval. But at the same time, deep down will feel disappointed. And in a couple of days there will be a loss of her attraction to this man.How to build muscle in the home - alpha male

There are 2 reasons for not listening to what she says.

First: she does not want to control a man. Each woman on the contrary tends to have a man to manage her. And if she manages to influence his behavior, then his male attractiveness falls.

The second: you will stand out from the crowd of her admirers, each of which bends under her, tries to please and meet all of her preferences 100%.

When she tells you exactly how you should behave, she expects from you only one thing – that you will not agree with her, but will behave as you want.

Fist on the table!

Sometimes a woman openly begs for it. She understands that she is behaving incorrectly, but despite this, she continues to behave this way anyway.

Why? Because that’s the only way she can test a man for strength.

But many men, unfortunately, can not show this power, being afraid to tell her something across. They think that if they start to say something or do something in response, it will be worse: she will be offended, leave, and so on. And quietly wait for her to stop scandal.

Or, even worse, try to cheer her up, to appease her with presents or somehow to go to meet her in some other way.

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But this is the wrong male position, which will lead only to one – to the loss of a woman’s sexual attraction to a man.

You do not need to politely prove to her that she is not right. You either need to punch the table, or just leave, stopping communication for at least a week. Without explaining the reason. Without any reaction to her provocations in the style of if you leave now, it’s over.

For example, if she shows her displeasure on a date, then do not even think about continuing the date or not – just take her home (if it is late) and finish the meeting.

After a while she will think and understand that she was wrong. And she will correct herself.

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When she makes you feel guilty

I saw what usually happens in families? A woman can daily saw her husband just like that. And it happens because he can not show the core and make her behave normally, preferring to remain silent and wait for the end of hysteria.

If you do not want to earn the same happiness, then be able to stop in time any attempts to cause a sense of guilt in you.

Sooner or later, she will certainly try to do it. And the reason will be found – believe it.

And at this moment it is important to immediately let her know that you will do what you want.

The first time you explain calmly. If the attempt to cause you to blame again – stop talking (at least a week) until she stops doing it.


Unfortunately, if the tantrum has begun, then this is the only way to let her know that she will not overcome you.

Take responsibility for yourself!

A woman is supposed to refuse sex, from meetings and in general from everything. 🙂 Because otherwise the society will begin to treat her badly, being considered frivolous.

True, this does not cancel the fact that she has any desire (including sexual) and fantasy. That’s just the only way to implement them – to start dating that man who does not fear anything and leads her along.

When she stands near your house and refuses to come to your house – it is important to remove her responsibility for what is happening. For example, you can say that you will only go for half an hour, and then you call her a taxi so she can go home. She will suspect that you are deceiving her. But at the same time, voluntarily agree to this deception, knowing that now she has an excuse for her friends and before herself (she deceived you, but she was not to blame :)).

Always try to take responsibility for yourself, and you will understand that the girl is ready to go to much, if she does not feel guilty for her own actions. 😉

A woman is waiting for rapprochement. And she is waiting for it even when he tries to blame you for thinking only about THIS.

At such times it is better not to deny and not try to justify it, but simply continue to go on rapprochement, pestering, undressing and so on.

In fact, every girl wants to feel welcome and sexy. And I’m ready to give all my time to achieve this effect.

Therefore, despite all her attempts to prove otherwise, she wants you to go on rapprochement.
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In the first place it should not happen

When you score on all your goals and hobbies, and will spend all your free time on it, then it will begin to lose interest to you. The fact is that nature originally ordered that a woman is only a part of a man’s life.

In the remaining time, he must deal with other matters.

On the other hand, a woman may experience a lack of his attention. But this will happen, rather, not because he has some other things, but because he does not invest in creating emotions at the meeting.

But if your dates with her are saturated, then your employment at another time will only warm up her interest in you.

About the instinct of nesting

If you are engaged in something dangerous, at first it is attractive to a woman. And this is what attracted her to you.

But then she will try to make sure that you stop doing it.

If she manages to change you, make her home, then at first she will rejoice. But then she will want to exchange you for another man whose life is connected with risk and danger.

What does she expect from you?

She expects that you continue to do what you want, despite all her persuasions.

If you follow at least half of the above, you can keep the passion in the relationship. This is what women really expect from men. Perhaps, earlier you never knew about it and did not even try to behave this way. But the only way to make sure this information works is to try it in practice. However, if you are observant, then eventually you will begin to see evidence of all of this in real life.

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