Appetite Broken Starvation Overeating

Why Is Appetite Broken – From Starvation To Overeating

Hunger and appetite are different concepts. If the feeling of hunger is a reflex feeling that we feel when there is no food, then appetite is a more selective feeling of the manifestation of hunger. Our appetite depends on age, time of day and season, emotional state and even on national culture. But most often on the appetite affects the state of human health and its way of life.Lean Belly Breakthrough

What is appetite and how can it change?

Appetite is the emotionally expressed need for food, and – in certain products. When they speak of a decrease in appetite, it means a complete or partial refusal of a person to eat. Moreover, a person may experience hunger, but there may not be an appetite. That is, he feels the need of the body for food: painful sensations appear in the area of ​​the tongue and stomach (sucking in the pit of the stomach), saliva begins to exuberantly, and the sense of smell is exacerbated. But there is no desire to eat.

There may be an opposite appetite disorder, when a person does not feel hunger, but still takes food. There are several major disorders of appetite:

  • The general decrease in appetite – a person just does not feel like eating
  • Complete lack of appetite (anorexia)
  • Lack of satiety at eating and pathological hunger (anorexia or bulimia)
  • Change in taste preferences.

Why do you have an eating disorder?

The most common causes of anorexia are psychogenic factors, diseases of internal organs and infections, external factors such as food, medications, ecology, etc. A psychogenic factor of eating disorders can be stress or a strong emotional experience, mental illness, anorexia, refusal to eat as a sign of protest – often occurs in children.

Also cause disruption of appetite may be chronic or acute diseases: in the first place it is the pathological processes of the digestive system – the stomach and intestines. The appetite also decreases with problems with the heart, kidneys, lungs, with endocrine and autoimmune disorders, oncological diseases.

Acute infectious diseases are often accompanied by a decrease in appetite, so many of us have to feed the sick violently, which is wrong. With a cold, it is important to drink more liquid and eat light food (the same dietary chicken soup), and not try to “poke” into the patient his habitual diet. Also, the uncontrolled intake of medicines, even “harmless” herbs, can affect the appetite: therefore, if you self-medicate you risk seriously harm themselves.
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How to avoid problems with appetite

Any upset of your appetite, if it is not caused by a cold or any other illness that you know, requires a doctor. First of all, food behavior, especially in children, is influenced by a calm psychologically family climate, stability and emotional calmness, the upbringing of a healthy self-esteem. Psychologists and pediatricians do not recommend eating either as a method of reward or as a way to punish a child.
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To avoid problems with appetite, it is important to be emotionally stable and work out stressful situations, rest, play sports, strengthen immunity and promptly treat all illnesses that are associated with a person’s life. It is also important to eat rationally and correctly, not to overeat and not overfeed the children, thereby causing food disorders.
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Unloading day once a week – instead of a long diet

One unloading day a week will help to remove a couple of extra pounds, get rid of the heaviness in the stomach, fatigue, etc. If you are overweight or obese, then one day off the day will not solve the problem. A whole complex of measures will be needed: examination by a doctor and identification of the true cause of excess weight, correction of nutrition, a complex of physical activity, etc.

But regardless of your body weight, such cleansing is useful for the body (if there are no contraindications). To achieve a visible effect, fasting days should be regular – once a week, and not every six months and combined with other procedures, such as visiting the sauna, swimming pool, massage room.

Those who want to just feel easier, unload and lose a couple of kilograms of nutritionists recommend taking some of the recommendations from the program of fasting. Namely, gradually eliminate from the diet fatty and fried meat dishes. No less tasty, but more useful will be baked in the oven, a chicken breast or fish instead of a fried pork steak in a frying pan. You can try for a while to exclude from the diet and meat products, leaving it from products of animal origin eggs, milk products, honey. And sweets and sweets replaced with dried fruits and nuts.
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A short-term loss of appetite can happen to every person, so do not worry. But if problems with a low appetite last more than two weeks – you should immediately seek help from a doctor.

In any case, instead of thinking about how to increase your appetite, it is worthwhile to pay a visit to a doctor who will help you understand and find the reasons that caused his decline. If the doctor determines that there is nothing dangerous, he will help you to recover to normal within a few days, and you will get rid of the reason for unnecessary anxiety.

You can try to get rid of your illness with the help of advice of traditional medicine. If you absolutely do not want to eat – do not force yourself to huge portions. It is better to start eating slightly, with small volumes, but often.

In order to evoke an appetite, start paying attention not only to the taste of your food, but also to its appearance. Try to beautifully set the table and decorate the dishes in such a way that one of their appearance makes you want to try them.

One of the most common causes of decreased appetite is dehydration or dehydration of the human body. Make sure that your body gets enough fluids during the day. Particular attention should be paid to those who work in jobs with high physical stress. In a day you should consume at least five to eight glasses of water.
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A proven method of exciting appetite is red dry wine. Drink 50-100 grams of this wine or some other aperitif with a bitter aftertaste twenty minutes before dinner, and the result will not keep you waiting.

Are there any other ways to increase your appetite, not related to drinking alcohol? Of course there is! Take on the armament of various spices and seasonings, which stimulate your body for increased production of gastric juice. For this, pepper, mustard, horseradish, rosemary, chicory are ideal. If you constantly eat fresh food, then your body will quickly get bored, but it is also not worth using salt and spicy seasonings. A good way to increase appetite are complex herbal preparations, as well as bitter tinctures on herbs.

Try to make sure that your meals always occur at the same time. Over time, your body will develop a reflex and he will begin to require you to feed him on time. If you feel slight hunger – do not interrupt it with quick snacks or sweets.

One of the causes of problems with appetite may be a deficiency in the body of minerals and vitamins. To exclude this option, start taking multivitamin complexes. In any case, it does not hurt you.

Get rid of bad habits, because they also affect your vitality and appetite. To such bad habits it is possible to carry smoking, alcohol abuse, an incorrect mode of the day.

Start to lead a mobile and active life. Your appetite can be beneficially affected by walking or cycling, visiting the pool or athletic hall, dancing, or just long walks with your pet.

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