Application Of Masks For Nails

To mask your nails to meet your expectations, you need to follow several recommendations for their preparation and application.

This will increase their effectiveness and will not allow them to be disappointed:

First, remove the manicure from the nails. You can not make masks, if they have any coating: shellac, acrylic, gel or even the most common varnish.
Wash your hands with antibacterial soap.
Make a decoction of marigold or chamomile. Hold the nails for 10 minutes.
Mix the mixture for masks with a blender.
Honey, milk, cosmetic and vegetable oils, any liquid in their composition can be slightly heated on a water bath.
Lower your fingertips into the prepared mask so that it rests on them in a dense, even layer and does not drain off.
Time of action of miracle masks for nails – minutes 10 or 15.
After that, the mask can be washed off in the same herbal decoction, which has already been used. You can replace it with any other warm liquid – ordinary water or milk, for example.
Nails need to be wiped dry.
Apply on hand any nourishing hand cream, not forgetting to treat them and nail plates.
Manicure is preferably not applied to the nails during this day.

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Recipes for masks for nails

Masks for nails are different – reinforcing (for brittle), restoring (for puffing), nutritious (to fully care for any), activating their growth.

Focus on these points when choosing the recipe you need.

Nutritious with cream

Potato + cabbage + cream = nutritious

Grind in a blender fresh leaf of young cabbage and potatoes, add one tablespoon. fat cream (they can be replaced with sour cream).
To strengthen

Potato + milk = against brittleness

Peel young, fresh potatoes, boil in milk, crush, for liquefaction, add the milk in which the vegetable was cooked.
Nutritious with honey

Cabbage + banana + honey + cream = nutritious

Mix the chopped cabbage leaf and banana (two tablespoons), add fat cream, warm honey (one teaspoon.). Nourishing mask of this composition can be kept on the nails for half an hour.
From brittleness

Olive oil + lemon + iodine = anti-brittle

Preheat unrefined olive oil (three tablespoons) on a water bath, add to it lemon juice and iodine (three drops each).
General reinforcement

Salt + iodine = to strengthen

In a glass of boiled water, dilute two tablespoons of table salt, add a few drops of iodine.

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