Astrology – Zodiac Signs

Astrology, Horoscope and the Signs of the Zodiac
Astrology is the belief that the position of celestial bodies can in some way influence the lives and behaviors of people on earth.
For the scientific community Astrology is nothing more than a superstitious belief given that to date, no astrologer has presented a set of processes and methods that prove that his theories are true.

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More and more people are searching for self-knowledge and for explanations that justify facts and events. But this quest is not recent. From an early age we tried to understand the environment in which we live, the formation of the universe and the planet. And so also began the first studies on the influence that the celestial bodies have on us humans. Do you already know them? Discover then, what is Astrology and its importance for the human being.

Learning About Astrologers To Understand Astrology

The scientists responsible for these studies are known as astrologers. They base their analyzes on the positioning of the planets that make up the Solar System, as well as movements of other celestial bodies. Thus, they seek to see the influence that each of them have on our lives, explaining what Astrology is.

For a position on the predictions of the future, one must take into account several aspects such as your profile. There is a great diversity of methods and alternatives for this activity, also varying according to each culture. However, the goal does not change much. The idea always lies in understanding the relationship between the stars and humans. This is, after all, the great goal of Astrology.
Astrology - Zodiac Signs

In order to search for the meanings of the relations between the celestial bodies and the human, Astrology uses of some specific tools. The most popular of these is in horoscopes, with predictions for each zodiac sign.

So, to understand what Astrology is, you need to know that these signs are defined according to the date of birth of each individual.
Another widely used tool is the astral map, which consists of analyzing the exact positioning of the stars exactly at the moment a person is born – also based on the time of birth of each individual.

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It is important to understand what Astrology is, just to get this information. After all, it is evaluated in conjunction with the movement of the stars in the sequence and in the personal development of each individual, allowing the future to be projected.
We do not study astrology to learn how to make the horoscope of other people. On the contrary, the purpose of astrology is to rise above the influences of the cosmos and take control of our own lives.

The sign of the Zodiac in which we are born conveys both the negative and positive characteristics we will need to effect our own transformation. However, the signs of the Zodiac are not the origin of the characteristics of our personality; are the effect. Our past-life karma determines under what sign we must be born to acquire the necessary traits and attributes that will enable us to correct and transform past negative acts.

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The Zodiac is only a mechanism the soul uses to ensure that these particular characteristics are infused at birth.

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