Strengthen Erection

Available Methods to Strengthen Your Erection

You can identify the following ways to strengthen the erection:

  1. physical exercises;
  2. specialized diet;
  3. reception of synthetic stimulants (gives only a temporary effect);
  4. elimination of a physiological disorder (eg, prostatitis).

Strengthen Erection
It is also possible to increase the duration of erection with folk remedies, but only if problems with potency are not associated with any disease (for example, varicocele with exacerbation). Consulting with the attending physician all the same is recommended.

But in the home, the most effective way to increase the duration of sexual intercourse before the time of ejaculation allows different kinds of exercises with the member himself. For example, jelqing, which was originally designed to increase the size of “dignity.” In fact – this is a specialized kind of massage with stretching of protein tissue. By the same technique, it is proposed to improve the potency in men of all sorts of pumps for the penis.

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Food to strengthen the erection

Increase and strengthening of erection can be achieved and certain foods. For example, the same oysters accelerate the synthesis of testosterone with the prostate gland, and also have a beneficial effect on the brain, since they contain a “shock” dose of vitamin A and E. An improved effect is also provided by dishes from the camel’s stomach. This dish is popular, for example, in the Arab countries, as well as in Turkey. True, it is not cheap, since it is served mainly only in restaurants.

But a normal turnip with honey will help to raise the male libido. This remedy is often used to treat severe attacks of cough. And earlier it was considered the most ordinary dish-snack, by the type of canned horseradish.
Also, men should include nuts in their daily diet. Their constant use in food leads to the fact that the blood will gradually increase the level of testosterone, which favorably affects the erection. That’s just before you increase the erection, you should check whether the man has allergies to the same dates, hazelnut or peanut butter.
Strengthen Erection

General recommendations to strengthen the Erection

Absolutely all men who have experienced erectile dysfunction should first consult with a nutritionist (if there is an excess of weight), abandon bad habits (nicotine and alcohol), and also go in for sports. This is a universal solution for almost all “male” problems. And it is the unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, combined with many stressful situations, contributes to the deterioration of male health. Only complexly having strengthened the organism it is possible to not be afraid of disorders with an erection.

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And most importantly – in the presence of problems with erection should not be afraid to seek help from a qualified specialist. After all, the reason may even be a psychological factor. A help in this case can only a psychologist or a psychotherapist. Neither pills nor alternative medicine will completely eliminate the problem. Therefore, you should start with a trip to the doctor.

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