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Basic Mistakes In Skin Care

Often wanting to preserve the beauty and youth of the skin, we can overdo it or vice versa for something to overlook. And now, due to improper care, unfortunately, our skin suffers. In this article we will tell you what mistakes you should not allow at all.

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1. Do not be too zealous with peelings.

Frequent use of scrubs and peelings in the end leads to quite sad consequences. You remove from the skin not only dead flakes, abrasive particles, the remaining makeup and dust, you can also:

  • It is unnecessary to injure the upper layer of the skin (epidermis);
  • Make the sebaceous glands work hard;
  • Accelerate the process of keratinizing the skin, which will lead to peeling and discoloration of the skin;

To avoid such problems, remember that oily and combination skin is cleared no more than once in 7-8 days, and dry, only a few times a month. Also pay attention to the composition of the scrub, it should have soft abrasive particles. During the peeling, give preference to the procedures in which enzymes (enzymes) are contained.

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2. Do not abuse a lot of foam.

There is a myth that the more foaming agent for washing, the better it affects the skin. But this is a completely erroneous opinion. Foam is formed due to active substances, which are designed only to remove contaminants and wash off such important protective elements.

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And some active substances also contribute to the appearance of acne and pigmentation. The most correct and optimal solution is the choice of a means for washing with the most minimal foam content. And if your skin is completely dry, you should forget about foam-containing gels and leave on your shelf exclusively cleansing milk.

3. Do not take care of the skin at night more intensively than in the daytime.

You need to take care of your skin all the time. In the daytime it needs protection from the influence of negative factors, and at night in recovery with the help of a nutritious cream. But the amount of cream should not be excessive.

If there is a lot of cream, then during the night, mixing with the sweat and secretion of the sebaceous glands, a kind of film is formed, which will not let the air to the skin. As a result, you get tired and edemas, and all this just because you overdid it with cream.

4. Do not give up cleansing tonics.

Do not miss such a skin-like process as toning. Toning will help:

  • Remove the remnants of professional cosmetics;
  • Restore the acid-base balsam, which was broken by means for washing;
  • Narrows enlarged pores;
  • Allow the cream to impregnate the surface of the skin more qualitatively;

Cosmetologists say that if you systematically wipe your face with a tonic every day, then the success of all the following procedures with the skin will increase by 30%. Especially it is worth taking note of this information to the owners of problematic and sensitive skin.
Skin Care

5. Do not apply makeup directly to the cream.

Cosmetologists do not recommend applying a powder and foundation immediately after applying the day cream. It will all just ruin your makeup, which will not lie flat and float in a couple of hours. After applying the cream, you should let it absorb into the skin for at least a few minutes, if there is no time, first blot the face with a paper towel and then apply a foundation.

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