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Basic Rules Of Style After 40 Years

basic rules style 40 years2 perfectly seated skirts of neutral color (one for winter, the other for summer wardrobe) in gray, brown or dark blue. (Black will only fit dark-haired!) You should not save on them. Often the optimal length is in the knee region. A little higher or slightly lower depends on your figure. The correct answer will tell the mirror.

2 perfectly seated pants of neutral color (for winter and summer wardrobe). The colors are the same. As an obligatory condition-ideal landing. At wide hips and presence of a tummy – landing of trousers should be hardly underestimated. It is better to choose straight trousers as basic, rather than wide or narrowed versions. The wearers of narrow thighs can add as bright skirts and trousers.

2 dresses (summer and autumn-winter). Women with narrow hips and broad shoulders find the dress more difficult, in this case it can be replaced either with the set “jacket-skirt” or choose options with an elastic top and a hard bottom. Women with wide hips should choose their dress with a neckline and an A-shape skirt.

2-3 bright blouses. Do not be afraid of color! Blouses should be bright, but not flashy-acid. Choose colors of plum, lavender, red wine, cocoa, raspberry, green apple, eggplant. Colors must be natural! But the cost is not as important as in the case of skirts and trousers. But the only thing that is absolutely unacceptable is any obviously cheap material.

Coat. The most profitable and stylish purchase is a coat of cherry, bitter chocolate, plum, mustard, olive. Style – as simple as possible. . Such coats are fashionable always and never look pretentious! For owners of wide hips – a coat-trapezium or a coat with an overstated waistline, holders of narrow hips – coats with accented vertical elements – a line of buttons, trim.

Dress on the way out. ‘Going out’ always happen unexpectedly – weddings, meetings with friends, solemn events. And you must be fully armed – a dazzling dress must all the time live in your closet, waiting for exactly such cases. Choose the dress you are dreaming about – this color, style and with such a finish. The main condition – you should feel in him beautiful and desired, to catch admiring vzgyady, and the dress should be bright and comfortable. Black and gray dresses as dresses “on the way out” are boring. The main trick – the emphasis in the dress should be on your merits, but remember, the sexuality “after 40” should be languidly restrained – just a hint, no too overt décolleté.

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