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Basic Steps to Overcome Your Fear of Dentists

Are not you afraid of dentists? You are either very lucky with the doctor, or you have never been to dentists. Uur advice is dedicated for those who are going to sit down in the near future in the dental chair.

Advice 1. Remember that beauty requires sacrifice. Which is better – to suffer for about 30 minutes or to surprise others with a clumsy tooth and a putrid smell from the mouth?

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Tip 2. To begin with, go to the dentist with someone from the family who is currently being treated. Get used to the atmosphere of the clinic.

Tip 3. Do not run problems. Often the cause of fear is a previously experienced strong toothache. If you regularly go for examinations to the dentist (once every six months) and treat your teeth in stages, on time and without complications, then you will soon learn to trust your doctor.

Tip 4. When you are going to see a doctor, make an appointment beforehand and tell him by phone immediately that you are a “complicated patient”, then you can escape, that you are afraid and do not intend to treat anything on your first visit, just want to discuss with your doctor’s treatment. A good and experienced dentist will treat your problem carefully. If at the first meeting with the doctor you did not find his understanding, do not go to him anymore – it’s already useless! Go to another. You have every right to discuss with the doctor what methods of overcoming fear exist in general and which one is acceptable in your case.

Tip 5. Be cautious with the independent decision of a problem “to remove excitement”. All sorts of soothing pills-tinctures-extracts-syrups (all oral preparations) are far from ideal soothing. Each person has a sedative effect of the drug comes at different times and can also last different times – it all depends on the general condition of the body, the characteristics of metabolism, on what and when they eat, everything is purely individual. And to calculate the exact moment when the effect of the drug will be maximum, and even so that at that moment you were just sitting in the dental chair, it is almost impossible.

Advice 6. It is possible that, based on the results of your “preliminary conversation”, the doctor will offer an intravenous calming injection before treatment. In most cases this is the most effective option – the patient does not sleep, but is relaxed and calm. Moreover, this method of overcoming fear treats dentofobia in principle. That is, next time you will come to a doctor more confidently and calmly – the body will remember that it was not so scary!

Tip 7. Another way to defeat the fear of the dentist may seem too simple. But, nevertheless, it helps a lot of sufferers! The secret is that you need to bring a loved one to your office, whom you very much trust. Mom or dad, wife or beloved husband, older brother, younger sister, beloved aunt or just a close friend.
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Tip 8. The whole secret is in the “right” dentist. Until you find your doctor, you will hardly be able to overcome fear of the dentist. So, try to find out among your friends first of all whether they have a very professional and sympathetic doctor, to whom they have been going for several years.

Advice 9. It is not necessary to dismiss a way to overcome the pavor, as usual, conversation about this problem helps! You may even need to seek help from a psychologist.

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