Beauty After 40 Years: Recipes And Tips

Beauty After 40 Years

Beauty care after 40 years in the first place should be regular and comprehensive. Some women consider this age to be the beginning of old age, and more and more often they look at their reflection in the mirror, asking themselves the question: “And where is the former beauty”?

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Beauty or premature aging?

Unfortunately, in most cases the seen does not please them: wrinkles are deeper, under eyes circles or edema, the complexion is uneven, the oval is saggy. Many women at this age suffer from flabbiness of the skin throughout the body.

For beauty care after 40 not only took away your strength, time and money, but also gave the desired result, and the female beauty sparkled with new faces, it is necessary to create an individual care program. However, be sure to adhere to several rules that will help you stay beautiful and look well-groomed at any age. And be sure to study folk beauty recipes, which complement the usual care of the skin and hair.

Sleeping mode

Never neglect a full sleep, otherwise your eyes will fade, and your face will look a few years older. Women at this age need to go to bed no later than 22 hours and sleep for at least 8 hours. Cosmetic evening beauty procedures should be done a couple of hours before bedtime.

Use of moisturizers

Thanks to a full-fledged moisturizing, you can prolong the youthfulness of the skin for a long time. All the representatives of the wonderful article after 40 years of age must always apply moisturizers on their face every day: creams, serums, lotions. The skin of the body should also be pampered with special means with a moisturizing effect after each shower. Do not forget about the sufficient amount of liquid on which the beauty and appearance of the cover directly depends. The norm is 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day.

Sport activities – pledge of female beauty

Physical exercises every day should become an indispensable component of the life of every forty-year-old woman. Sports can be periodically replaced by walking for 1-2 hours. Fresh air and physical exercise help to avoid many diseases, feel cheerful, and also soothe nerves and dispel sad thoughts.

Complex care for the skin

After 40 years, the skin requires full-fledged care every day. It boils down to cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing. Several times a week, spoil the veil with your own cooking masks, using proven beauty recipes. Pay attention also to active serums, which include hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamins. Try to visit the beauty parlor once a month. And do not forget about the massage, which you can do yourself at home.

Protection of the skin against sunlight

In summer, the skin needs special sunscreens, moisturizing masks and vitamin serums. Do not go out without sunglasses and hats, they will protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, prolong youth, and will allow for a long time to preserve the natural beauty.

Gymnastics for the face

beauty care after 40 years must necessarily include a set of special exercises. First you need to determine the problem areas and pick up exercises for them. Over time, the complex will be replenished, since, unfortunately, over the years the number of problems with skin is only increasing and it is necessary to work out all the new muscle groups that allow to preserve female beauty.

Women’s beauty and proper nutrition

Not only does our state of health depend on nutrition. Products that we include in the daily diet, affect the condition of the skin and hair. The body of a 40-year-old woman should receive the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals every day. Therefore, in the menu, you must include fruits, vegetables, seafood, cereals, and dairy products. Do not forget about the beneficial properties of meat. The rabbit, the bird, the low-fat beef and lamb are best absorbed by the body.
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Home beauty recipes: cosmetics with our own hands

In the pursuit of beauty, we often spend a lot of energy, time and money: we visit elite salons, we turn to professional cosmetologists and hairdressers, forgetting about folk methods. But it is the recipes of beauty, used by more than one generation of women, can work miracles.

In the spring-summer period, you must include in the skin care mask of fresh fruits and berries. They will saturate the veil with vitamins, make it soft and silky.

Mask from apricots

Apricot flesh (2-3 fruits) combine with a spoonful of sour cream. Stir the mixture and apply to the skin, hold for 20-30 minutes, wash with water at room temperature.


Mask of carrots

Rub a small carrot on a grater, combine it with 3 drops of lemon juice and yolk. Stir and add a spoonful of olive oil. The mask is applied for half an hour and washed off with warm water.

Mask of strawberries

Puree from 3-4 berries of a strawberry combine with a table spoon of cottage cheese, mix. The mixture that you have got, put on the cover and leave for 20 minutes.

And most importantly, under no circumstances lose optimism! Go through life with your head held high and smile more often! Positive emotions not only make us beautiful, but also rejuvenate the body! When you are happy, your female beauty blooms with renewed strength.

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