beauty advice 40

Beauty After 40

beauty after 40

7 steps to your own style. Where to begin?

  1. Go over the wardrobe and ruthlessly throw out everything that gives age, adds kilograms or just do not like it.
  2. Create a basic wardrobe.
  3. Buy at least one pair of good and stylish shoes and a good bag.
  4. Once a week do a manicure.
  5. Never buy clothes made of synthetics and cheap fabrics, and throw out the ones that are already there. Never buy a bag and shoes from leatherette and dermantin.
  6. Bijouterie – only very expensive and high-quality, if there is no possibility to wear gold and silver with natural stones. No costume jewelery from plastics and synthetic materials!
  7. The laundry must be functional. Lace “for the soul”, and for daily wear -smooth brassieres of beige or dark color. The bra should create seductive forms, do not rub or leave red stripes on the skin, only such a bra is worth buying.

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