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Beauty At Any Age: How To Keep The Figure After 40

Every age has its own problems with the figure. Picking up the load, it is worth considering the age-related causes of excess weight.

31-41 years

On the fourth decade of life, many recover, although they eat no more than usual. The main reason is loss of muscle mass.

The fact is that the metabolism, which consumes most of the calories we eat, occurs precisely in the muscles. However, if the muscles are not loaded (and sedentary work and the same way of life they are practically not used), they begin to decompose.

In youth we are more active, in addition, muscle tone maintains a high hormonal background. After 30 years, these saving factors, as a rule, no longer work, and the muscles gradually decompose.

According to French scientists, in the years 31-41 a person loses about 1-2% of muscle mass annually. 1% per year means that our body needs about 125 kcal per day less energy than in the previous year. The next year – another 125 kcal per day less … Less for a couple of slices of bread a day.

How many of us cut their diet from year to year? Hardly, on the contrary, because stresses creep towards us more often than in youth, and sweet and tasty – the best comforter. Unfortunately, it is inevitably postponed to excess fat … However, even if every year we cut our diet to the same 125 calories, it will not save our body from flabbiness. After all, the density and elasticity of all its parts are given by the muscles.

Fortunately, everything is not as sad as it seems. Correctly chosen trainings perfectly keep muscle mass and do not allow to type fat.

According to the American researchers, women, keen on sports, by the age of 40 had 10-12% more muscles than their peers. Due to this their metabolism was 15% faster. That is, they do not need to eat less, on the contrary, they can afford even superfluous cookies or wafers – everything is processed into energy, and not into fat!
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Things to do?

You need training, in which the power (with a high intensity) and the aerobic (light) intervals alternate. The power intervals should take from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, aerobic – 3 times longer than power.

For example, if you run, then try to run 3 minutes as fast as you can, then run for 9 minutes slowly, resting.

The principle of “strained – rested” is very convenient to use, doing with dumbbells, swimming in the pool, skiing or cycling.

If you decide to buy a subscription to a sports complex, choose interval or power aerobics, Latin American dances, kickboxing, etc.

It is ideal to practice 4 times a week for 40-60 minutes.

41-51 years

At this age, the problem is the same as before, the loss of muscle mass and the associated fat set.
But training, where the power and aerobic intervals alternate, are given more heavily. The fact is that the joints are no longer as elastic as before, it is easier to injure them, and to cure the injury is more difficult.

There are problems with bones as well – they lose calcium, but it’s just that the physical load does it perfectly, which it’s never too late to put into your schedule.

So, the last Japanese study found that women older than 40 years in 3 months of exercise increased the density of the bones of the back and thighs by 1%. And women who did not take part in the experiment, for the same time lost 2-2.5% of bone mass.

So, we choose training, which will strengthen muscles and bones, but at the same time they are safe for joints.

Things to do?

Start with walking, biking or cross-country skiing. These loads burn quite a lot of calories (from 300 to 600 kcal per hour) and do not give a shock load to the joints.

Alas, running and all kinds of training related to jumping and landing (for example, some types of dances), it is better to minimize – it’s the moment of landing that most destructively affects the joints.

If the excess weight hurts your back or knees, go to the pool, go horseback riding or yoga.

After each workout, stretch, it will improve blood and lymph circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

You can do feasible strength exercises: push-ups, sit-ups …

But the mahi hands and feet do not fit – they are again unsafe for the joints.

In the sports club you can try Pilates or yoga, from dancing – belly dancing, flamenco, tango.

The ideal schedule of classes – 3-4 times a week for 60 minutes, at the end of the session, take 15 minutes of power exercises and stretching.

You can divide: 2 workouts – walking, skiing, 1 training – strength exercises 30 minutes, one more – yoga, pilates or just stretching for 30-40 minutes.

If health does not allow, replace everything with swimming.

51-61 years

If you have not done any sports before, do not be discouraged: it’s not too late to start!
On the contrary, at least some exercises are necessary for you. Otherwise, you risk losing annually 80-90 g of muscle (data of American doctors) and gain 1-2 kg of fat per year. Yes, and bones need to be strengthened, now this is even more important than ten years ago.

When choosing training, the main thing is to protect not only the vessels, but also the heart. But if you do the right thing – sparing, then the state of the cardiovascular system, on the contrary, will improve.

Things to do?

The type of training remains approximately the same. From running, jumping, swinging and blows is better to completely abandon.

Instead of dumbbells get rubber shock absorbers and expanders, they will give more suitable for your joints load.

Swimming, riding, yoga, walking, biking and skiing are still beyond competition.

Now, however, lower the intensity. Instead of strength and speed, cultivate the correct technique of movement.

Extend the warm-up: now you need to not only warm up the muscles every time, but also carefully develop the joints and prepare the heart for training. On the burning of fat, this is almost not affected, but you will still lose weight as soon as you start doing any of the exercises listed.

It should be practiced 4-5 times a week for 30-40 minutes.

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