Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets.

Women’s beauty is unthinkable without constant care for themselves and especially for the skin of the face. And this departure, like a mosaic, consists of many different elements. In themselves, these are nothing more than pieces of colored glass – inexpressive, unnecessary, meaningless.

But, gathered together, they are combined into a single picture – beautiful, fascinating. Remove only one element of the mosaic, and the picture will lose its integrity, and in place of the missing piece will be a gaping void. Stir the glass and stack them in random order.
Surprisingly, the same elements, from which mosaic trees, mountains, forests appeared on our mosaic, would form the ridiculous multicolored spots.

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This is the complexity and paradox of beauty. It is important not only the particles from which it consists, but also the order of their location. The art of self-care is also one of the ways to create beauty, and, therefore, general rules apply to it.

A huge mistake – to consider that skin care is not necessary for young girls. Young skin requires regular complex care; and the more carefully you treat your face, the longer it will retain youth and freshness. Cleansing, nutrition, moisturizing, toning – these are the cornerstones of competent care for young skin. Do not be lazy to perform all these procedures in good faith. It’s your face, and it’s up to you how you feel in the mirror in 5, 10, 30 years.
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Do not be afraid to use makeup.

It will help you to emphasize the advantageous aspects of your appearance and to push into the shadow its insignificant shortcomings, but do not be too zealous. The fashionable color palette changes rapidly and often, and the naturalness always remains actual.

If necessary, look into the beauty salon,

but only if you really need the help of a beautician. Hikes with a girlfriend for the company were allowed in the “pink childhood”. You are an adult girl and must make your own decisions. Your face belongs only to you. Do not sacrifice it even to please friends. When choosing cosmetic procedures, listen to the opinion of only one person – an experienced medical cosmetologist.

Use only high-quality cosmetics suitable for your skin type.

When choosing funds, medicinal or decorative, focus primarily on the opinion of specialists and on your own taste, and that these two points of view are not too often conflicted, follow the novelties of cosmetology, scroll through magazines, read specialized publications, visit relevant sites . Share your doubts with other girls with your doubts, discoveries and discoveries.

Self-care is a special kind of creativity.

However, be careful though, going into all sorts of experiments. Do not rush to buy the latest cosmetics or experience “innovative methods of skin care.” Be reasonable, otherwise in pursuit of a dream you can seriously suffer.

Youth is beautiful in itself.

Unfortunately, many realize this simple truth only in adulthood. Young years are wasted on feelings about the imperfection of one’s own appearance. Cast away groundless suffering! Know: you are beautiful! You just need to learn how to maintain your natural beauty at the right level.

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