Become A Handsome Man. Several Effective Tips

Contrary to all opinions, according to which a man does not necessarily have to be beautiful, a certain aesthetics in the image and style of behavior must be present. Women are creatures with a complex and rich inner world. Therefore, to please a large number of representatives of the weaker sex, it is not enough to possess only a cute appearance or the reputation of a “cool” guy.

How To Become A Handsome Man

Advice to boys under 14 years old

young boyDuring this period, a long transition begins from a small boy to a large and strong man. There are first serious hobbies, hypersexuality awakens, hormonal restructuring of the body occurs, the first “adult” hair appears, the body slowly begins to acquire masculine features, the voice coarsens and breaks.

At this time, teens become the most emotionally vulnerable, they want everyone to recognize and adore many female fans. And at the same time, boys are unhappy with their bodies, they feel insecure.

Given all the features of the development of this period, we can give the basic tips for guys under 14:

Be an individual.

Try not to succumb to the so-called “public opinion“. Always have your point of view on any events taking place. Girls like guys that differ from others. If you can competently argue each act and defend your views in any dispute, you will win respect and authority among classmates.Secret Obsession

Try to be a leader in everything.

Do not go down to the “gray mass”. Always look for something new for yourself, spark with ideas and plans. With enthusiasm rush into your own projects and involve others in them. Actively participate in the public life of the class – concerts, competitions, sports competitions. This alone will attract the attention of classmates to you and awaken their interest.

Do not be afraid to have time to study.

Put in place “upstart” – this is the natural desire of all children. They are too lazy to make an effort to achieve greater results than those that are available today. Therefore, in order not to look in a disadvantageous light to others, they try to stop all initiatives of other children to be better. If you turn an excellent study into a system and can achieve excellent results, your peers willfully treat you with respect. At least for the sake of helping you to write off or explain the complex material on the subject.

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Develop physically.

At this age there is an active formation of the musculature, skeleton and other parts of the human body. Therefore, a great addition to the academic performance of the subjects will be sports. Not necessarily it can be fighting sports, which all boys aspire to, or attending a gym. You can do athletics, football, basketball, gymnastics, yoga. An excellent tool at this stage will be even an ordinary bar and bars. But you have to be able to stand up for yourself, too. An excellent option will be martial arts. They perfectly allow to combine the general physical development with fighting techniques. The combination of sport with excellent study will not allow you to get attached to the nickname “botanist”.Magical Towel Cleans With Only Water

Watch yourself.

At this age, your sweat glands function in a strengthened mode. This requires a daily shower. In addition, hormonal alteration causes increased secretion of sebaceous glands, which leads to problems with the skin. Acne begins to appear. Do not complex about them, they are just a fleeting phenomenon in your life. Use special lotions that cleanse the skin. Girls pay attention to the condition of your hands and nails. Try to keep them trimmed and clean. An important aspect is the hairdresser. Although, if it is an element of your style – please. Hair should be clean.

Dress cleanly and neatly.

Jeans can be torn, but must be clean. Try to make your clothes match the situation in which you are. If you are involved in sports, you must have a sports suit. And it’s not necessary to come in a sports suit to a party to friends or in a business school suit for a physical education lesson.

At this age, there is a need for money.

If you can not get a job, talk with your parents. In exchange for certain duties and work at home, you can get paid in the form of pocket money. Learn to plan your budget, do not waste money on bullshit. In this case, you will always have money to go to the movies or a gift to a girl.
handsome boy

Recommendations for guys over 15

This is the age when you are closely acquainted with adult life. Your interests are already quite adult and you pass the stage of young men entering the time of masculinity.

Find your style.

This age is characterized by constant searches and experiments. Do not be afraid of anything new, if this can not harm your health. In search of an optimal image, you will be able to learn a lot about yourself and your abilities. The main thing is the absence of contradiction with your preferences. Do not get carried away by innovations, the consequences of which you will later be difficult to eliminate. If tattoos and piercings are eliminated in relatively simple ways, scarring and huge tunnels in ear lobes will leave traces, the elimination of which will take time and money.

Go in for sports.

A sturdy, pumped-up torso and a slender figure turned her head to more than one girl. Lightness and ease in movement, strength and endurance will give you an unflappable confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Refuse bad habits.

Producers of tobacco and alcohol have invested many billions of dollars to form the image of a drinking and smoking person, as a very adult, independent and independent. Meanwhile, there is nothing heroic and “steep” to poison your body with toxins of alcohol and tobacco. You do not feel steep if you have a drink of gasoline or get some smoke from the burned plastic. In a world where many smoke, you will be beneficial to differ from others by its originality.
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Decide on the direction of your future work and go study specifically for this specialty. Purposefulness and clear plans for the future shape your image as a smart and confident person. And the prestige of your work will ensure decent earnings in the future. Girls value in guys the reliability and confidence in the future.

Watch yourself.

The hairstyle made by mom at home is touching and touching in her childhood. Your hair should be well-groomed and cleaned without regard to their length. Regularly take a shower and watch the nails. A good solution is to use toilet water. Just do not give preference to the heavy aromas peculiar to men of age. This will create disharmony in the image. It is best to practice fruit and sports fresh aromas.


This element of the image should still be given a lot of attention. Uncleanness in clothes will alienate girls from you. But the accuracy and the presence of style will become a reliable bait for the female. Do not abuse accessories. Numerous rings, chains, purses and caps are a sign of a lack of taste and desire to attract attention. It is necessary to attract not a screaming bad taste, but in a finely tuned manner, no matter how. Real beauty is unassuming.Lean Belly Breakthrough lifeblood for a woman

Be calm and tempered.

Even if out of the ordinary things happen. Unshakable calm and composure make you a support and a lifeblood for a woman.

Do not try to assert yourself at the expense of others.

Demonstration of superiority by humiliating people has not yet added points to the rating, the girl will rather be on the side of a humiliated and insulted person than yours.

Find yourself an original hobby.

Women uncontrollably attract all the unusual. If you are drawing in the sand in the morning or jumping from the bridge on a parachute, or helping the elderly and sick people as a volunteer – all this is an added plus for you and the argument for the girl to develop a relationship with you.

Be witty, learn interestingly to tell and listen carefully. You will be amazed at how much the ladies appreciate the good companion.

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Become a handsome and interesting man

handsome manIn adulthood, a man should have his own “chips” that can attract the attention of the fair sex.

Look after yourself. Women adore well-groomed men. Everything should be neat in you.

The hair should be clean and trimmed stylishly and neatly.

Do not neglect cosmetics. The false opinion that cosmetics – this ladies’ tricks and the way to unconventional sexual orientation should not confuse you. Chapped, rough skin of the face, rough calloused hands with dirty and gnawed fingernails, legs with age-old outgrowths of calluses and “nail traps” and nails, which the eagle would envy – all this can attract only the female gorilla. Therefore, we set up a rule to regularly visit a beauty salon or spa. At home, it is recommended to use shaving cream, lipstick for hygiene, eye cream, deodorants and toilet waters.

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Dress stylish. Women adore men in strict business suits, with ties (butterflies).

Minimize accessories. A small ring-seal, a tie, a case and a tie clip – that’s the whole list, which should not be exceeded.

Many women love men on motorcycles. If you are close, get a two-wheeled friend, get a leather black dress, and you will very soon find yourself a girlfriend with similar tastes.

Go in for sports. The impressive relief of your biceps and press, elastic and tight buttocks will make many women turn around in the footsteps on the beach or pool.

Read more. A well-read man with a broad outlook is always an interesting and pleasant companion. And the main organ of love for a woman is, as is known, namely ears. You can charm her in communication, your actions in bed will produce a greater effect.
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In communication with women, stick to the golden mean. Too timid interlocutors who are frightened of any abrupt movement of a woman, do not cause them passion. However, excessive aggressiveness also not quite the right strategy. Be witty, merry, moderately brave, but do not allow yourself much, especially in a big company. Even if the girl sympathizes with you, she may not have the desire to put this feeling on public display.

Do not try to be too intellectual. This is suitable as a “bait” in the first stage. Then you should act on the level of emotions and feelings.

These tips are not something absolute and immutable. Experiment, analyze, boldly try and win!

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