beer belly

Beer Belly: Get Rid Of It Now – Practical Advice

Beer Belly

Beer Belly: Get Rid Of It Now - Practical AdviceMany men after 30 years of age face the problem of appearance, and a constant increase in the abdomen. Beer belly and saggy sides, bring a lot of inconvenience to its owner, from the loss of attractiveness of the male figure, ending with health problems.

Beer belly grows gradually

Just yesterday you thought that everything was fine, but suddenly the moment came, you glanced in the mirror and realized – he grew up with you. First a question arises: where did it come from and how to remove it. And the first answer that comes to mind – all because of the use of beer. And to get rid of this hateful abdomen, you just need to stop drinking it. This opinion is erroneous.

Beer belly – stretched stomach

It turned out that the growth of the stomach initially associated with beer. The more you drink it, the more beer belly grows. This is probably due to the fact that a few liters of beer in itself, men get a stretched stomach, in which this beer splashes for a while, and the belly grows because of this.

Beer belly: Remove excess fat from the stomach quickly does not work, but with persistence, performing special exercises and dieting, you can get yourself into shape at home.

To successfully combat fat on the stomach, you need to know what leads to its formation, what exercises will help strengthen the abdominal muscles, what foods should be excluded from the daily diet. The desired result can be achieved only with an integrated approach to solving the problem.
In fact, beer stimulates appetite and greatly improves the digestibility of food. For this reason, many people immediately give up beer. It’s not just beer that stimulates appetite, but practically any alcohol. It is necessary to exclude any alcohol from your menu and it will already be easier.

Beer Belly: Next you need to give up fatty and spicy food.

No sausages, cheeses, chips, mayonnaise and other products that contain animal fats. You have to choose: either they are a figure.
Beer Belly: Get Rid Of It Now - Practical Advice
You do not need to make new reserves and actively use apples, bananas and so on. Stretched stomach, used to get a plate of food, drunk with a mug of beer, will require food. Take yourself in hand and wait until it decreases to normal size. Drink plenty of water – this will help reduce the “grumbling” of the stomach.

Beer Belly: Correction of diet and habits

A person who has firmly decided to get rid of a beer belly must adhere to simple rules with daily meals:
Take food often, 5-6 times a day, in small portions;
Do not eat at night, before sleep should go 3-4 hours after eating;
Use more water, at least 2 liters;
Do not overeat at the table, after eating, should have a slight feeling of hunger;
To arrange weekly unloading days, to use these days only non-fat, dietary products: fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, cereals without oil;
When choosing products, give preference to light, not containing animal fat. Lenten meat, fish, cereals, vegetables, fruits;
Refuse or maximally remove from the diet fat, fried and smoked food. Do not abuse sweets, baked goods.
Exclude or reduce beer consumption.

Even if you eat half the amount you used to eat, then it does not mean that you started eating enough. Find the caloric content table in the network and count how many calories you consume per day, and then calculate how much it consumes per day. You need to spend more than you need to consume.

Beer Belly: You will need a lot of perseverance.

Many, without waiting for the results, drop their hands and start all the hard. This means only one thing: they simply did not try to do anything. Very quickly remove the beer belly will not work, but even for a couple of weeks of serious restrictions in eating and active physical exercises and the result will be more than noticeable.

Those who have not yet decided to remove excess fat from the abdomen, it should be remembered that the beer belly is just the result of an incorrect lifestyle that can cause many serious diseases.

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