Benefits Of Broccoli: 13 Incredible Properties Of The Vegetable Queen

Broccoli is one of those products that deserve respect! Just look at her appearance… Here you can find the most interesting comparisons. The crown of the strongest tree is oak, the super-duper hood of the best restaurant in the world or, for example, the crown of the conquering king. With what can you still compare broccoli?
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In addition, the benefits of broccoli are very significant. However, even despite that impressive set of useful elements and vitamins, many people do not eat this cabbage at all. But today you must completely change your opinion with regard to this crucifix. Since this product is simply packed with nutrients and provides us with many health benefits. There are even studies that prove that broccoli can help in the fight against certain types of cancer…

1. The richest complex of vitamins

Our body always needs nutrient-rich food. And broccoli here is one of the most powerful sources of nutrients, various vitamins and elements. Like other types of cruciferous vegetables, it contains vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. This vitamin is vital for the production of collagen, which is the basis of connective tissue between organs. In broccoli, it is 2.5 times more than in citrus fruits, which are considered champions for its contents. By the way, this is 220% of your daily need for it.

Broccoli is also a source of beta-carotene. Both beta-carotene and vitamin C are important immunostimulatory antioxidants that reduce the risk of cataracts, heart disease and even some forms of cancer.

Broccoli also contains a lot of calcium, which helps control high blood pressure and prevent colon cancer.

In broccoli, there is even a complex of B vitamins. These are the B6 and B12 you need, as well as the source of folic acid.

2. Super source of phytonutrients

One of the main reasons why vegetable food in our diet is so good is the content of phytochemical elements or, as they are called, phytonutrients. Unlike vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients are not responsible for maintaining vital functions. These “guys” function like some bonuses for your health.

It can be heart disease, and diabetes, and cancer, and neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

By the way, they are responsible for the color, taste and smell of plants, as well as for their benefits to our health.

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3. Prevention of certain chronic diseases and obesity

If you use broccoli every day or at least several times a week, you can protect yourself from certain chronic diseases: coronary heart disease, hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

Firstly, broccoli is rich in fiber. Remember, our article is why cellulose helps to lose weight faster. Well, briefly, the coarse fibers clean our body of bad cholesterol and thereby help to cleanse the body and reduce weight.

According to different data, broccoli contains from 2.6 to 3.8 grams of coarse fibers.
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In addition, it is known that a diet rich in cabbage (cruciferous) vegetables such as broccoli, kohlrabi, watercress, white cabbage and cauliflower can reduce the risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer. Broccoli is a source of glucoraphanin, which when damaged plants turns into sulforaphane. This compound increases the production of enzymes that increase the body’s ability to remove toxins from the cells. Which in turn helps in the fight against obesity.

4. There is everything for healthy bones

Broccoli is also an incredible source of vitamin K and is included in the top foods rich in this vitamin. Vitamin K plays a significant role in the metabolism of bones and connective tissue, and it is important for kidney health. In all these cases, vitamin K is involved in the assimilation of calcium, and also helps to interact with calcium and vitamin D.

In other tissues, for example, in the lungs and in the heart, protein structures have also been found that can only be synthesized with the participation of vitamin K. One serving of chopped broccoli contains about 110 μg of vitamin K. According to some estimates, the recommended daily dose of vitamin K to an adult a person about 90 mcg / day for women and 120 mcg for men.

5. Helps reduce inflammation in the body

When your body begins to overflow with toxins, inflammatory reactions occur. This necessarily leads to serious health problems. But, kaempferol, contained in broccoli, reduces the body’s response to potential allergens.

The lack of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet can also contribute to an excessive inflammatory response. But, broccoli will always help. Omega-3 fatty acids that are there in it can reduce inflammation.

Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely useful for our body. Remember the article about the benefits of flax seed, which are a super rich source of these acids.

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6. Improves digestion

Remember the coarse fibers? Coarse fibers are absolutely necessary for your body, even if they are never digested. Men should eat about 38 grams of fiber per day, and women need about 25 grams. Fiber helps the body effectively remove toxins and waste from the body and prevent constipation, as well as inflammation in the intestines and cleanse it.

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Broccoli has almost 1 gram of fiber for every 10 calories. This is a strong indicator! Moreover, given that broccoli contains both digestible and fiber, which are not digested.

Magnesium, which is also present in broccoli, improves digestion and helps stabilize the acidity of gastric juice.

In addition, the antioxidants that eat in broccoli are maintained by healthy bacteria living in the intestines. What also speaks about the effectiveness of this vegetable in the fight against colon cancer. Fibers also bring improve prostate health!

7. Broccoli for eye health

You, most likely, know that carrots are a super remedy for maintaining eye health. But there is information that some green and yellow vegetables are more useful for the eyes than orange ones. Broccoli is considered a more effective food in the fight against age-related eye problems and cataracts. All because of its composition there are two carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin). Both are useful for the eyes.

It was found that the powerful sulforaphane, which has already been mentioned above, is an excellent eye protection against ultraviolet light from the sun. And this is one of the main factors of problems with the eyes. So, to keep your eyes sharp, try eating more broccoli.

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8. Rejuvenates the body

Who does not now want to save his youth from women? Yes, probably everyone. See how everyone is painted to look gorgeous and younger. And you are always looking for new ways to rejuvenate your body. We always struggle to extend our vital functions.

And there is an answer …

For many years experts have been talking about the benefits of green food. They argue that the older a person is, the more vegetables he should eat. Of course, it’s difficult to become a full vegetarian. But you can choose 2 or 3 days a week, during which you include more green vegetables and cereals.
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Is it difficult? …

A diet rich in vegetables, especially cruciferous, improves our metabolism, as the researchers say in the American Journal of Healthy Eating. Thus, they can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases associated with aging.

9. Improves heart health

As we have already figured out, broccoli is rich in dietary fiber. This is great for reducing the level of bad cholesterol. After all, it’s the fibers that clean the walls of the vessels! Broccoli contains fatty acids – omega-3 … These acids also contribute to improving heart health. Lutein, contained in broccoli, helps prevent heart disease, keeping the arteries clean and helping this very blood circulation.

And vitamin K, contained in broccoli is also useful for the heart. He is a good fighter with high blood pressure. Broccoli steamed broccoli improves heart function and reduces myocardial damage in conditions of lack of oxygen.

According to the researchers, the protective effect of broccoli is explained by the high content of certain substances, in particular sulforaphane, which stimulate the formation of thioredoxin. This protein plays an important role in protecting cells in conditions of impaired blood supply to the heart muscle.

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10. Broccoli against cancer

The protective effect of broccoli is not limited to the prevention of heart or eye diseases. So, some studies have shown that broccoli reduces the likelihood of developing breast and prostate cancer. It is also known that the greatest protective effect has cabbage, cooked just for a couple. Cancer is one of the most common causes of death worldwide. But how exactly can broccoli help in this fight? …

Broccoli contains the necessary ingredients for the inclusion of genes that prevent the development of cancer, as well as preventing the spread of cancer cells. Studies have also shown that broccoli contains a lot of selenium. And he is one of the best and accessible to all anti-cancer agents.

11. Broccoli reduces cholesterol

Like many other natural products, broccoli is packed with soluble fiber. And this in turn is an excellent protection against high cholesterol.

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12. Broccoli helps in detoxification

Broccoli contains powerful phytonutrients that will help you cleanse your body faster. They help the activation, neutralization and elimination of unwanted toxins. And isothiocyanates, also found in broccoli, help control the detoxification process at the genetic level. They are also super effective in fighting inflammation in the body.

13. Broccoli perfectly alkalizes the body

Like many other green vegetables, broccoli protects your body from acidification. And this, in turn, has many health benefits. After all, in an acidic environment, bacteria and inflammations develop.


Damage to broccoli

Among all the advantages of this magnificent vegetable there is a small minus. Broccoli contains some naturally occurring substances that can interfere with thyroid function. If you are healthy there is no risk, but some people who have thyroid problems should contact their doctor to clarify whether it is dangerous to eat broccoli and not only.

But this only applies to raw vegetables. As some data indicate, in the preparation of broccoli these substances are lost. So it makes sense to cook a serving of cruciferous vegetables for a couple and get the most out of your health.

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How to cook broccoli and eat more?

Broccoli is one of the most favorite foods among vegetarians. And all because it contains protein and nutrition can compete not only with eggs, but also with beef.

Therefore, you can eat this vegetable even raw, remember only about some of the limitations that you learned about above.

But, if you are still a beginner, try to put out broccoli right away with several other kinds of cabbage: colored, Brussels, white-headed. It turns out an excellent combination with many useful elements and vitamins. Will only add a little spice.

An excellent combination is obtained if broccoli is stewed with eggplant, mushrooms and carrots. this is another nutritious dish.

You can also add a few broccoli sprigs to your vegetable soup, cooked on chicken breast.

Use broccoli in cooking cleansing green juices or add to some of the green cocktails.

Be healthy!

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