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Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

Physical stress is an indispensable element in the formation of a strengthened and healthy baby. To know from what age and what gymnastic exercises should be done for children, it is necessary to consider in detail all aspects of gymnastic loads.

Rules for performing gymnastics for the youngest

The main reason for not doing different exercises with your child is an erroneous idea of ​​the fragility of a child’s body. But it is important to understand that the main principle of gymnastics for the baby is not to harm. However, it is not so easy to cause injuries to a small body, because the primary skeleton consists of cartilaginous tissue, so it can be elastic and flexible.

The whole gymnastic process should be natural and based on the efficiency of the reflex mechanisms. It should be remembered that forcibly bend the body parts of the baby is by no means impossible. One of the basic principles of performing exercises is the presence of a constant light massage. When contacting the baby, you should get rid of all the accessories that can accidentally hook the baby.

Primary exercises for young women should be done under the supervision of a pediatrician. One of the important factors that should be taken into account in gymnastics is the tender and weak skin of the baby, which can be damaged due to the negligence of the parents. Use for safety purposes massage oil.

The benefits of morning exercises for a child’s body

It is important to note that in addition to this communication when performing special exercises, parents significantly increase the muscle tone of the baby. Also the procedure very strongly influences the psychology of the child, as he begins to know his body. Through physical exercises in children, sensory perception is formed. Moreover, children even learn to talk and develop their hearing, as often my mother sings a song while performing them.

Along with this, the baby is stimulated with walking and crawling reflexes. Massage promotes not only toning the muscles, but also calming, stabilizing the emotional state.

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The use of gymnastics for preschool children

Children of preschool age must necessarily undergo physical exertion, including various gymnastic exercises.
Such procedures have many positive consequences:
Tempering the body – regular physical activity in childhood helps to strengthen the body’s immunity and endurance. To conduct gymnastic exercises is best in the open air.
Children of preschool age often have shortness of breath. This is due to the lack of breathing techniques and air depth. After gymnastic procedures these characteristics are finally formed and develop.

The lack of coordination of movements is also compensated by gymnastics. Physical loads form the so-called “skeleton” of the musculoskeletal system. First of all, this is the posture and muscles of the abdominal press. There is an activation of the food process. Significant improvement occurs in the work of the cardiovascular system.
It should also be noted that the child quickly learns the feeling of rhythm, remembers various geometric shapes and sides.

At what age does the child prefer to be engaged in

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It is important to understand that gymnastics is necessary for children of any age. There are a large number of approaches to training programs and the selection of support tools. The older the child, the easier it is for him to exercise. At one point, parents understand that independent exercise has become available for the child

Kinds of gymnastics: their advantages and disadvantages

There are several basic types of gymnastics, which are applied depending on the age of the child and the purposefulness of the exercises.

Wellness gymnastics is one of the main ways to maintain muscle tone and harden the body as a whole. It is this gymnastic complex that first of all contributes to the formation of posture, develops joints and ligaments of the baby. Begin to do exercises of the health complex from the age of 2 months. Physical exercises of this type are best performed by a professional orthopedist, and not independently.

Dynamic. Dynamic gymnastics means a set of active procedures for treatment and health, which is intended for infants from birth to 1 year. It should be noted that in this complex, along with classical massage elements, there are: active exercises with the support of the baby for the legs / hands; a variety of games with physical exercises; hardening.

Respiratory. The main purpose of respiratory gymnastics is the development and strengthening of the respiratory tract and organs of the baby. From birth these compound organisms are always poorly developed. That is why breathing exercises is one of the fundamental holistic programs of the child’s training.
Exercises of this complex are very popular among children, starting from 2 years old, when they can already gradually learn basic physical exercises.
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Sports. Gymnastics mostly comes from acrobatics. That’s why all the “tricks” must be performed exclusively with the help of adults. The main elements of this gymnastics are stretching and somersaults. It is these exercises that can serve as an excellent start for a beginner athlete and the development of his acrobatic abilities. Gymnastics is used at a later age, starting with 3 years. It is during this period that the density of the baby’s bones is finally formed, and the muscles retain flexibility and elasticity.

Artistic. Rhythmic gymnastics also has a sporting focus. Nevertheless, all the exercises in this complex are performed exclusively to music. In such studies, the emotional component plays a special role, since children can develop aesthetic perception, a sense of harmony and beauty of corporeality. These exercises use equipment such as tapes, balls, hoops or flags.

Corrective. Correcting gymnastics is a kind of medical complex. This is directly related to the fact that this type of corrects and corrects problems with the health of the baby. Gymnastics of this type can correct problems with the spine and posture disorders. Corrective exercises are available to perform at the first signs of the formation of curvature of the spine and posture.
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Thus, gymnastics for children is a necessary condition for the successful development of the child’s body. This is due to the fact that many babies are constantly at rest, as a result of which the development of muscles is very slow. Different training programs will help the child to get stronger, normalize the musculoskeletal system and create excellent preconditions for the development of a strong and healthy organism.

The benefits of gymnastics for children are undeniable for a number of reasons:

Develops plasticity and coordination, the motor apparatus.
Physical activity. Gymnastics gives children the opportunity to be physically active, and this is very important at an early age. Physically active kids acquire the correct posture and developed muscles, and systematic exercises have a positive effect on overall health.

Communication with peers. Here, the kid can adapt to the team and meet the guys with similar interests, which will be useful in the future for the development of communication and work in the team.

Permanent training strengthens the posture, develops a musical ear, coordination and movement apparatus. Here, children learn to feel music and correctly show the mood in their movements. In addition, muscles are trained, stamina is brought up and accuracy of movements is formed. Classes perfectly develop flexibility, dexterity, teach orientation in space. It trains both the body and the brain. Systematic exercises gymnastics perfectly organize, discipline, accustom to appreciate time, give unusual pleasure to control your body.

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