Best Gay Bars In Lisbon – Night Guide – Queer Friendly

There are no excuses for not leaving the closet. From dark rooms to fetish bars, from discos where you can dance naked to the best places to have a drink at the end of the day, this is the itinerary of the best gay bars in town.

Best Gay Bars In Lisbon – Night Guide – Queer Friendly

The first gay bars in Lisbon began to peek through the cracks in the closet in the 1960s. Today, the fingers of two hands can not count. This is only a sign that the city is more and more airy and ready to welcome everyone. So that your nights are always rainbows and never gray, we have prepared you a list with the best gay bars.

Although without the projection of Madrid and Berlin, Lisbon has come to be a gay-friendly city.
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Portuguese legislation in recent years – firstly the adoption of same-sex marriage, more recently the laws of co-adoption and adoption, as well as access to medically assisted procreation by single and lesbian women – are some of the milestones greater openness and greater legal protection of these minorities, although much remains to be done, for example at the social level and the rights of transgender people.

Lisbon, being the capital, has always attracted the greatest number of identities in search of freedom to create and be, even if often still on the sidelines. The increase in tourism in the city has also brought a large percentage of LGBT tourists, who, like locals, find lively nightlife and community-specific events.

Bairro Alto and Príncipe Real are the gayest neighborhoods in Lisbon, where the largest number of points of interest are located, especially at nightlife level.

We take advantage of the LGBT pride month to present a brief itinerary through Rainbow Lisbon, with suggestions of the best bars and venues for the Queer public in Lisbon, as well as some events relevant to the community throughout the year.

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gay barCacela oysters, cheese and sausage boards, Two Crows handmade beer, special cocktails and a man cave. This is Corvo, Príncipe Real’s new gay bar, a project of João Gaspar, one of the founders of the well-known Conga parties. The bar has a basement, a man cave, with bar and DJ and soon will have a special schedule. For now it is in “slow opening”, says João, and the official opening will only happen in October. “It’s cool and crude, it’s black but it’s also light, it’s daytime and nighttime. I can not call it a bar only. I still do not know how far to fly “, describes the person in charge, who also usually organizes the Queer Lust nights at Mise En Scène.


queer night clubThis small bar of Alfama that opened at the beginning of 2017 there is always room for everything except for prejudices.

Caipirinhas (the owner is Brazilian), music, shows of transformismo and performances of new talents queer of the city. It was here that Fado Bicha was born, a creation by Lila Fadista.


It is in the space of the old Memorial, but contrary to what happened before is a bar / club to think about the male audience and fetishist. A warm-up. This is how Miguel Ricardo describes his bar that is in a basement of Príncipe Real, with a dance floor and what he prefers to call a “black box” instead of a dark room, starting at 10 o’clock in the evening. “I noticed that there was no place here to dance before three in the morning,” he explains. The bar opened in August 2017.
Rua de Gustavo Matos de Sequeira, 42-A (Principe Real). Mon-Thurs 22.00-02.00, Fri-Sat 22.00-03.00

Maria Lisboa

Homosexual friendlyAt the start of the year, the Troika Bar, so-called until then, changed its name and concept even in time to enter in 2017 to be called Maria Lisboa Bar. The responsible for this late expulsion of the troika of Bairro Alto is Cristina Almeida , 49 years old, owner of the space ten years ago and also owner of the old discotheque Maria Lisboa, in Alcântara (closed in 2012), facing a LGBT audience.

Raw Bar

Ring the bell and wait for one of the hosts to welcome you. In the background, there is the small shop with the essential to the survival of a true lover of leather – and even poppers. Tuesday and Sunday are the days when the clientele dances as they came into the world. Any day of the week, party is party, and in the Raw Bar all end in the same way: with socializing.
Rua de São Marçal, 170. Sun-Thurs 17.00-03.00, Fri-Sat 17.00-04.00. Admission: € 5.

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gay Friends already existed in Bairro Alto, in Rua da Rosa, and won a new house in April 2017, in the renewed Travessa da Água da Flor (with a gigantic hotel opposite).

The concept was kept: bar, library (you can leave a book and take another) with a clothing store next door.

During the day it serves toasts and shakes. At night, when the tables move away and a dance floor is improvised, order a cocktail.

Secret Bar

On Mondays there is the Pink Mondays party, offering pink shots, on Tuesday there are cocktail nights, with cocktails at special prices and on the fourth is party day Erasmus, the first face of the LGBT student audience in Lisbon . The Trumps’ own bar serves as an aperitif for the disco’s crazy nights.

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Pride Burlesque

Opened in October 2015 after a bad experience with a disco near Conde Redondo (the Pride Disco Lisbon), since it opened in the space of the old High Heels it walks full to the door, to the point that the customers go into denial when it arrives time to go. In 2017, it changed the name of Pride to Pride Burlesque, to reach another type of public, explained the owner, Jorge Gomes, largely tourists who frequent the Bairro Alto.
Rua da Rosa, 159. Thurs-Thurs 22.00-02.00, Fri-Sun 22.00-03.00.


Queer LifestyleIt is the most popular gay nightclub in the city and that shows up right in the queue. Inevitably, the night will be over. There are two dance floors and always have house and pop music, attracting a more unbearable clientele.

In April 2016, the disco that was one of the first stages of António Variações blew 35 candles.
Rua da Imprensa Nacional, 104 B. Fri and Sat 23.45-06.00 Admission: 10 € consumables.


The LGBT Pride March, begun in 2000, is the most visible event of the LGBT community in Lisbon. Organized by various associations and groups (Amnesty International, AMPLOS, ILGA, Opus Gay, ex-aequo network, among others), it highlights in its manifesto this year the trans identities and the importance of its depathologization and recognition. Marked for June 17, begins at 17:30 in the Royal Prince.
LGBT Pride March
One week after the march, Arraial Pride (formerly the same day) occupies the main square of the city, Terreiro do Paço, with all the colors of the rainbow, in celebration of equality. In its 21st edition, this event, the largest of its kind in Portugal, will feature activities for children, handicraft shows and, as the day progresses, with concerts, animation and DJ sets that will make the square in a big colorful party.

The song starts at 4:30 PM with Miss Wonder and continues with the Colleagues Colleagues and Pink Noise at 6:00 PM. Hélio Morais (drummer of the Paus and Linda Martini) performs from 18:30, followed by Mag and Moullinex (20:30 and 22:30, respectively). At midnight, the cast of Finally (Deborah Kristal, Samantha Rox, Jenny Larrue, Nyma Charles, Kelly Kiss and Tiago Morais) takes to the stage with the show Forever Idols. At 00:30, Kátia Aveiro gave the last concert of the party, followed by the DJ sets of The Ballroom, Rita Zukt and Nuno Lopes.

With a pool that changes frequently, but more or less regular (monthly), Conga Club organizes one of the most popular gay parties in the city. The theme is changing – it was once a tribute to sea life, aerobics classes, love cruises, the future – but the excitement is always guaranteed night out by eclectic DJ sets and tireless dancers. Next July, on the 6th, Conga’s six years in Time Out Studio are celebrated with Tensnake, Lord Pelota and John Holmes.

It has been one of the oldest festivals in the capital since 1997 to bring to the São Jorge films of LGBT themes, both recent productions and older and alternative proposals, in retrospectives, cycles and competitive sections. Queer Lisboa runs every year in September and is one of the events that has contributed most, with the scope of its programming, to the visibility of the community and the reflection on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identities of different moments and contexts.

The Rainbow Awards, promoted by ILGA, recognize, since 2003, the work done against discrimination and homophobia. The ceremony takes place every year at the beginning of the year.

Despite being the capital of one of the most conservative countries in the world, the city of Lisbon is one of the most fun for gay people today
If you think that, because it is a conservative country, the gay night of Lisbon is a stop, you are mistaken. In recent years, the gay scene has taken over neighborhoods and regions of the city, with proposals more modern than many Brazilian capital. It has options for cool, bears, who wants to be naked, who likes fetishes, and other spicy variations. The Portuguese are discovering the boil in the most daring way. Let’s know what’s over there?

Biggest gay cruise leaves Lisbon for the first time

There will be more than 2200 passengers, 35 Portuguese, on this ship.
For the first time, a gay-only cruise will leave the port of Lisbon. From tomorrow and for eight days, the Monarch will pass through Madeira, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Lanzarote, ending the trip in Gran Canaria. Organized by La Demence – responsible for one of the biggest European gay parties ever held in Brussels – this is the seventh edition of an initiative that is already part of the annual homosexual scripts.

The novelty in this initiative, which will count on 2200 travelers from 85 nationalities – 35 of them Portuguese, according to DN the organization said – is the departure from Lisbon, considered by several publications as one of the most gay friendly cities in Europe.

Choose that can also be explained by the tourist interest that the Portuguese capital has taken in recent years – from January to June official figures indicate that about three million people visited the city.

For the organization, the choice of Lisbon as a starting point had a simple explanation. “It’s a perfect place to start a cruise to the Canary Islands because of its history, the good food and the various places of entertainment it offers,” he told DN Valerie Ruts of The Cruise’s organization.

As for the fact that this segment of tourism market is also increasing in Lisbon – the offer of gay scripts is increasing, as is the highlight in the world media – both Turismo de Portugal and the Lisbon Tourism Association do not have data to prove it. The same is true of ILGA Portugal – the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Intervention – although, according to DN Marta Ramos, there is more demand for information.

We have no idea if it is growing. We are not contacted by these companies [for events like the cruise La Demence 2017]. Because we have not worked consistently in tourism, we do not know if it is a growing sector. We feel that there is greater demand and supply, but we do not know if it is because they came into existence or if before there was so much disclosure.

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