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Best Recipes For Coffee Stay Warm Even On Cold Days

The best recipes for coffee that will help keep warm even on a cold day.
Starting the morning with a cup of hot aromatic coffee is a kind of ritual that sets the mood for the whole day. Surely you did not even think about the fact that the favorite variation of this drink says a lot about your character, tastes and preferences.

However, sometimes you want to diversify your everyday life, having tried something exceptional, bright and rich. In the article you will find classic and original recipes for coffee, which will help to cheer up even on a cloudy day.
Best Recipes For Coffee Stay Warm Even On Cold Days

Interesting recipes

For those who love experiments, we have prepared original recipes for coffee at home. Some of them are suitable for fans of classics, others for outspoken extremists. In any case, you should never deny yourself the diversity.

With hazelnut

The combination of aromatic coffee with a bright taste of nuts is something that everyone should try. By the way, depending on your preferences, you can use not only hazelnuts, but also almonds or cashews.

Let’s take:
10 g of roasted hazelnut;
coffee and water;
sugar to taste.

To grind the nuts, use a coffee grinder or some other convenient method. In the water at the same time, put coffee with nut shavings. Bring the drink to a boil. If you want, you can add sugar.

With salt and orange

Many do not dare to cook coffee, recipes which contain non-standard ingredients. In vain, because such a drink can be unusually tasty.

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Let’s take:
7 grams of orange peel;
10 ml of orange juice;
a pinch of salt;
coffee and water.
sugar to taste.

Pour all dry ingredients into the Turk, pour water on it until cooked. Remove from the fire and add the juice and orange peel. This coffee should be given a couple of minutes to rest.
Best Recipes For Coffee Stay Warm Even On Cold Days

With egg

Many people like to eat eggs for breakfast, washing them with a fragrant rich drink. Why not combine these 2 elements of a good morning?

Let’s take:
1 yolk;
2 tablespoons low-fat cream;
coffee and water.

First, cook a classic espresso. Mix all other ingredients with a mixer. Gradually pouring coffee, continue to mix thoroughly. The drink is ready.

With honey and garlic

Few people imagine a recipe for tasty coffee using garlic. However, such a drink exists and pleases many with its eccentricity.

Let’s take:
15 g of honey;
1 clove of garlic;
coffee and water.

To begin with, mix honey and water in a Turk. Put the garlic, divided in two. Pour the coffee and bring it to the ready. Before pouring the drink into a cup, remove the garlic. You can filter if you want.

Choose any recipe and try how inimitable and fragrant the drink will turn out!

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