Skin care products

Best Recipes For Skin Care Products

Many products of skin care can be prepared at home. This will ensure their naturalness, which means efficiency and quality. There are universal cosmetic products for skin care that can take care of any type of skin. Skin care is a must for any woman.

1. Rice mask
Grain the rice in a coffee grinder, mix the flour (two tablespoons) with sour cream and add the liquid honey (1 teaspoon).
Best Recipes For Skin Care Products
2. Strawberry Scrub
Flesh the strawberry (3 tablespoons) with dry milk (1 tablespoon), add chamomile and mandarin essential oils (3 drops each).

3. Mask for the skin around the eyes
Clean, but not peeled potatoes grate on the smallest grater, mix (tablespoon) with milk (a tablespoon) and flour (a teaspoonful).

4. Oatmeal washing gel
Oat flakes, turn, lavender and calendula (on a tablespoon) pour boiling water (8 tablespoons), boil, cool, wipe through a sieve, add olive oil (2 teaspoons), liquid soap (2 teaspoons), essential oil 4 drops).

5. Cucumber tonic
Cucumber, without cleaning, cut into small cubes (3 tablespoons), pour boiling milk, cook for 5 minutes, cool, strain.
Best Recipes For Skin Care Products
6. Lotion with sage
Dry leaves of sage (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water (glass), infuse 2 hours, strain, add honey (teaspoonful), stir well, chill.

7. Creamy gommage
Fat cream (20 ml) beat with pectin (5 g), mix with dry coconut milk (50 g). After applying the mask to your face, sprinkle everything topically with coconut chips and cocoa powder, and then gently begin to roll the mixture with your fingers.

8. Cream of chamomiles
Margarine (50 g) grind with yolks (two), add olive oil (2 teaspoons) and chamomile infusion (until thick).
Best Recipes For Skin Care Products
9. Cleansing milk
Mix chamomile flowers, mint leaves and mountain ash (2 tablespoons), add crushed lemon rind (teaspoonful), pour boiling water (500 ml), cook over low heat for half an hour, strain, add glycerin (2 tablespoons) and vodka (tea spoon).

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10. Tonic Cosmetic Oil
Rhizome and flowers of white or purple iris (3 tablespoons) pour vegetable refined oil (200 ml), carefully clog the lid, insist in a dark place for 2 weeks.

Remember: the proper care of the skin at home is a prerequisite for her beauty and health. Take care of her in advance, so that at a more mature age she does not give you trouble.

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