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Best Vitamins For Women According To Age

Best Vitamins For Women According To Age

All women need vitamins, regardless of age. But still, when choosing a multivitamin complex, it’s worth emphasizing the age of a woman, because depending on the life stage, the necessary set of vitamins is different.
Best Vitamins
Properly selected vitamins will help a woman stay beautiful, healthy and energetic at any age. It is especially necessary to take vitamins in the spring: it is very important for women not to allow the development of vitamin deficiency.Best Vitamins

The best vitamins for women under 30

During the childbearing age, women are mainly in need of vitamin E to improve reproductive health. This vitamin also helps to preserve the youthfulness of the skin.
In addition, the use of folic acid is important. It positively affects the reproductive capacity of the body, and during pregnancy takes part in the structure of the nervous system of the embryo.

Vitamin C will strengthen the body’s defenses and add energy.

Do not forget about vitamin B12 – it is responsible for the synthesis of hemoglobin and the transfer of oxygen to the cells of the brain.
And for the beauty of hair and the prevention of the appearance of early wrinkles in the vitamin complex must necessarily contain zinc.

Vitamins for women under 35 years of age

“Push” the aging process of the skin and save femininity and natural beauty can be with the help of the best vitamin for women – A.
To support the work of the brain, doctors recommend taking B vitamins.
Strengthen the teeth and bone apparatus, improve the appearance and strengthen the structure of nails and hair will help during this period of calcium.
To better assimilate calcium, you also need to take vitamin D and phosphorus. In addition, their reception affects fatigue, memory and a decrease in the level of dispersion.

Vitamins for women’s health aged 35 to 50 years

Withering skin requires even more vitamin A, because with the help of this vitamin in the body produces collagen.
Controlling the aging process and deriving free radicals is capable of vitamin E.

To enhance immunity and increase attention, ascorbic acid is needed.

Also worth paying attention to the reviews and keep in mind that vitamins at this age should not only support the female body, but also restore the nervous system.
Best Vitamins

Vitamins are a good supportive tool for women’s health, testimonials testify to this as well as possible! But in doing so, do not forget about full sleep, resistance to stress and the right way of life (balanced nutrition, the absence of bad habits, etc.). The use of vitamin and mineral complexes does not completely protect women from health problems, but still helps to reduce risks and support their body.

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