Body Language In Seduction: Tips For Men

Body Language In Seduction: Tips For Men

Body language plays a key role during the conquest. With a simple look we find out if a woman is receptive to the approach, without her having to say a single word.

The man of attitude does not miss the opportunity to win the woman he desires. Not only because it is attractive, but because it is someone who “comes together” without fearing rejection. He knows how to interpret the signals sent by the woman perfectly.

Paying attention to a woman’s body language, it is possible to notice when she is dissatisfied with her partner when she is seeking to satisfy her sexual needs or just to talk.

In this article, we will learn how to interpret body language during flirting …

Read the woman’s body, not the mind.

Some men sin by disregarding the importance of female body language. Instead of paying attention to what the woman’s body says, they waste time trying to figure out what’s going on in her head. They spend hours holding a drink as they wonder if she’s really interested. Few know that the answer lies in the way they behave.
Body Language In Seduction
Give up trying to understand the female mind, because this is something that no one will get. Stop trying to read thoughts and pay attention to the position of her body. When I say “body,” I am not referring to the breasts or the waist, but to gestures, movements, and facial expressions.

Take note of this important fact: body language accounts for 93% of human communication, according to a research done by an American university. If you have not paid attention to women’s body language, you are putting aside one of the most expressive elements of communication. And many guys still wonder why they always come home by the end of the night alone.

“If a man can not decipher female body language, or can not handle the fear of rejection, he will not go very far in the conquest.”

Body Language In Seduction: Tips For Men

Nature teaches us

Charles Darwin gave the tip when he said that “in the most different classes of the animal kingdom, such as mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, and even crustaceans, the difference between the sexes follows exactly the same rule: males court females “. What does that mean?

Put simply, the male tries to convince the female that he is the most fit to copulate. The female, in turn, will use signs to show whether or not she is receptive to the approach. The male then observes and interprets the female’s signals to modify her own behavior and increase the chances of attracting her.

Of course we are talking about the animal world. In the case of relationships between men and women the rituals of conquest are dictated not only by genetics, demonstrations of strength or release of pheromones. There is a brutal interference of culture with our behavior.

Conquering a woman involves a lot more than stepping the chest to look stronger. It is a complex non-verbal communication process. Sometimes the mere reading of body language can be confusing and lead to rejection. Which is not a problem. Rejection is also part of the game. The girl may not be in the mood to talk right now or be emotionally involved with someone else, for example.

Basic Stages of Nonverbal Communication

Deciphering female body language is very simple, but that does not mean you do not have to prepare properly. Take a deep breath, heat your chest and get to work. The signals sent by the woman’s body involve three stages, through the approach, attraction and connection.

First stage: it concerns her interest in you and helps you see if your chances of success at the time of the approach are enhanced or if you need to work a little harder. Especially if the woman has not noticed it yet.

Second stage: lets see if she is receptive during the conversation or if she is starting to feel uncomfortable with your presence. This is the most important stage. You should observe her level of comfort and interest and modify her own behavior based on that perception.

Third Stage: Indicates whether you are close to successfully completing the achievement or are just wasting your time. You can ask for her phone number, make an appointment, or even go for the kiss. Watching it deeply you will be able to decide what your attitude will be.

Let’s look at the signs in each of the stages.
Body Language In Seduction

Stage 1: Approach

You’re in a bar with lots of interesting women and you would not want to go home alone, right? Great! The first step is to observe how girls behave. Take a look at the signs listed below to get an idea of ​​what the woman’s body language is telling you.

If you catch signs of interest, do not hesitate. Trust your instinct and go to it. When the woman is not interested, she simply looks away. But if she maintains eye contact she is likely to be interested. Just do not get too worked up to wet your pants. She might find you attractive, not that she wants you as a boyfriend. The conquest is just beginning.

She’s interested. She’s not interested.
Look too much to the side Do not look to the sides
Look at the side, then down. Do not give a peek.
Look at you for a few seconds. Never make eye contact
Posture stays alert Stay motionless
Keeps head tilted Keeps head upright
Stay in the same position as you. Do not change position

Stage 2: Attraction

You made eye contact and your approach occurred without major problems, but you still do not know anything about the girl you’re talking to. That’s why it’s so important to analyze how it acts when you’re around and how it reacts to every word you say. Observe the following signs to determine how fast you should advance in the achievement and to ensure that she remains interested.

She’s interested. She’s not interested.
Keep talking Get out walking
She remains attentive. She is tense and uncomfortable.
Open and relaxed posture. Closed posture.
Little drinker Drinks in all stages
Caresses objects. She looks elsewhere
Leaning Forward. Leaning Back

Stage 3: Connection

You do not want to be the type of man who, given the chance to approach a woman, lets the opportunity pass by. Sometimes a woman wants to give you the phone number, is begging you to kiss her or just wants to see you again. Pay attention to signs like “Kiss me soon”. Get out and do not waste your time if you notice signs like, “I’m just being kind.”

She’s interested. She’s not interested.
Kiss me! I’m just being gentle.
Look at you. Look at the environment.
Smile showing teeth. Smile gently
Put everything in your mouth. Do not put anything in your mouth.
Turn body toward you. Hold body in the other direction.
Looks at you while you drink. Look away while you drink.
Touch you Lean back

The importance of body language in seduction

Paying attention to signs and observing female body language is one of the most important secrets to successful approach. Do not miss the opportunity that women usually give even before the approach happens. Realize that the conquest begins well before the approach and goes far beyond the conversation. Conquest is a path that may be long or may have shortcuts. But in both cases it will start with body language.

What next?
Knowing exactly what to do to attract and win a woman is a powerful weapon that every man should have.

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