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Body: Learn To Perceive And Know Your Signs

Some symptoms in your body may be directly linked to more serious health conditions. Let’s now relate signs that may just mean a transient malaise, but may also be linked to more serious illnesses, so pay attention to your body.

The delay in consulting the doctor can aggravate the disease and make treatment difficult. Do not wait more than 48 hours to look for a healthcare professional, after all, your body speaks! Just you listen.

Are you more chubby and your menstruation irregular?

Consult a gynecologist as soon as possible, because you may have multiple cysts on the ovary, characterizing the organ as polycystic ovaries, a disease that affects women in their 20s and 40s. Generally polycystic ovaries are accompanied by weight gain, but not always, irregular menstruation, oily skin and increased sinuses, belly and face are other symptoms of this type of disease.

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Are you tired?

It is an alert for hypothyroidism, a thyroid malfunction. Associated with fatigue and discouragement, thyroid changes also cause weight gain, menstrual irregularity, low libido, low tolerance to cold and difficulty concentrating. If you continue with these symptoms daily, anemia may also be happening.

You got a big belly?

Accumulating fat resulting in a circumference of 80 centimeters or more in the belly is a warning sign for diabetes and heart disease. Fat in the abdomen causes insulin resistance, as well as raising triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol. Associating the localized fat in the belly with the cigarette and maintaining a sedentary life is a certain risk for health. Watch out! Change your diet and practice more physical exercises.

Cough daily?

Coughing for more than three weeks, sign of danger. You may be with pneumonia, tuberculosis or even lung cancer. So do not waste time!

Altered breasts?

Breast cancer usually is accompanied by the following symptoms: lumpiness in the area, hardening of the region and also armpits, change in breast size and shape, reddened skin, swelling or wounds, secretion in the nipple and retraction of the breast nipple.

Lots of menstrual cramps?

The famous menstrual cramp may increase according to the level of your stress, but it does not always have this cause. Women ages 30 to 45 may indicate benign cysts and endometriosis (when the endometrial tissue peels off and sets outside the uterus).

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Strange headache?

Do you have a headache at night to the point of disrupting your sleep? Is it accompanied by drowsiness and mental confusion? Seek out an urgent neurologist.

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Too much pain in the stomach?

Stomach pain to the point of stopping food accompanied by bleeding can mean gastritis or even cancer on the spot. Go to the doctor as soon as possible.

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