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Body Scrub With Coffee – DIY

To get perfect and beautiful skin, it is not necessary to go to cosmetology rooms and put a lot of money. Scrub the body is quite feasible to create and own hands at home, using conventional products.

Coffee is the most common ingredient used for peeling in cosmetic products sold in the store. Many manufacturers give their preference to it.

Coffee gives the skin smoothness, freshness, perfectly tones. In addition, coffee home scrub for the body is a proven means of combating the orange peel on the hips and abdomen. This indispensable component is able to give the skin a bronze shade, thus fulfilling the role of autosunburn.

Consider the recipes for coffee scrubs for cooking at home:

Based on apple puree and coffee. Brew three tablespoons of ground coffee. Take the apple, peel it from the peel and grate it finely. Add in a puree of apple 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Strain coffee, combine with mashed potatoes. Instead of an apple you can use a peach.

Coffee with cream

Take two tablespoons of the leftover coffee. Add two tablespoons of cream.

Honey peeling

It is necessary to use coffee grounds, cream and candied honey in equal proportions, for example, two tablespoons.

Gel scrub

Prepare two tablespoons of ground coffee and go to the bath. Put the usual shower gel on the body, pour the coffee grounds on the palm and carefully rub into the skin. After wash it off with water.


Take 100 grams of ground coffee and one tablespoon of grape seeds. To these components, add 10 drops of any anti-cellulite essential oil, for example, grapefruit, rosemary, oranges.

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Burning Scrub. For cooking use coffee grounds, sea buckthorn oil and black pepper in equal proportions.

Home scrubs from coffee can not be applied to sensitive skin and face, most of all they are suitable for the body. The thicker of coffee is best used while it is wet.

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