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What To Do When Bored? Living Happily, Positively

How is your mood today, dear readers? Excellent ?! Keep it up! Now I have a wonderful mood! ???? Today is not my birthday and not the New Year, and I’m not even “in love with the ears,” and did not win a million. I hope nothing and nobody, I will not spoil it today.The 3 Week Diet

How to fall in love with yourself and your life? What to do when bored?

But what to do when bored? What if the last few days you are unhappy with yourself and your life, or does your mood constantly fluctuate from bad to depressive? You definitely need to take cardinal measures to improve your mood. This is what we are going to do today !!!
What prevents us from living happily, positively? Of course, we ourselves, or rather our Laziness, Negative thoughts, our Complexes, Bad habits, Inactivity, and this is what makes Boredom. If you are tormented by the question of what to do when bored, we begin to develop a plan for a good mood.

And let everyone already know what is needed for this, repetition, will never hurt. But without practice, nothing will come of it, so every point of the plan will be implemented immediately, thereby it will be your occupation, and I guarantee you – there will be no time for boredom! ????

don't be bored! Smile

I hope you are not too late to sleep, for tomorrow you will have to wake up one hour earlier in order to have time to cheer yourself up for the whole day. And do not think that we will watch Zadornov, the Comedy Club or another humorous show. I think before that you all watched them in front of the TV or computer, but the mood, and even more so the self-esteem did not increase from you! ????
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Usually, everyone starts the morning with a horrible alarm sound and a quick pick-up and escorting their children to a kindergarten, school, etc. Everything is done very quickly, because you decided to soak up the extra 15 minutes in bed to have a good night’s sleep, then you are torn from the bed with a cry: Damn, I’m late for work !

You quickly wash, dress, barely manage or do not have time to shove a sandwich into your mouth, then take a sip of hot coffee, which burns your tongue, and rush to work. So all life passes in a hurry, and as a result – no pleasure. People who complain that their life is uninteresting, boring, because they do not have time for themselves, deceive everyone, thereby trying to justify themselves before others or themselves. In fact, they have a lot of time, which is wasted.Skin care products

I offer you my advice on boredom!

1. Realize the rise one hour earlier than usual. For example, you need to get up now in 5-6 hours. An alarm clock rings … You do not understand what is happening and what the hell he is calling, if it’s still dark outside. You remember that today is the International Day of Good Mood, therefore it is necessary to prepare thoroughly for it. You have a lot to do today, so you can then praise yourself. Morning is the beginning of your day, and as a day you will begin, so you will spend it. ????

2. Anticipating all the charm of the beginning of your new life, you wake up, but you do not open your eyes yet. Stretch like a cat, smile :), massage your earlobes, think about a pleasant (but not about a dream), open your eyes, and now you have a desire to get up. You’re standing up. Do not rush anywhere. Open the window to fresh fresh air in the room. The process of washing will allow you to wake up completely. ????

3. After you have washed, do morning exercises. This should be a set of exercises for 15 minutes, which includes warm-up for the whole body, stretching muscles, spine, breathing exercises. Yoga, pilates, bodyflex are perfect for morning exercises. Turn on your favorite music, to which you want to dance, and move to the beat of the music. ????

4. After charging, take a shower using fragrant, aromatic body gels with essential citrus oils. Rub the body with a towel. Do everything with love and affection for your body. ????

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5. Breakfast should include porridge, vegetables, please yourself with your favorite fruit. Eat slowly, chewing food well, without being distracted by foreign objects. The aroma of coffee or strong tea with honey will help you cheer up and give you energy for a day. ????

6. Now you have to wake up your family members and share a good mood with them. ????

7. You are in a hurry and are already walking to work. Walking along the street, focus on the breath, take a few breaths and exhalations. Morning coolness and fresh air will give you a feeling of lightness and vivacity. Walk around the sides, lift your head up, look at the sky, the tops of the trees. Life is Beautiful! Smile at the fact that you just have a good mood. ????

8. What awaits you at work? A good team, or the process of work? If you do not develop at work, do not enjoy it, then we will change this situation. Read the article “Favorite work – a myth or reality.” Nevertheless, you must do something useful and pleasant for yourself at work, so that you do not think that you are wasting your precious time. ????In the period of radical training, hunger is the main enemy of an athlete

9. Depending on the work performed, either physical, emotional, or mental fatigue always occurs, so to avoid a drop in mood and energy, take breaks that include a small workout, walking, (if you are constantly sitting or all time on legs), or snacks (with strong physical activity), with emotional fatigue, to relieve tension, distract yourself to something soothing, relaxing, read something, walk around, get some fresh air, you can drink a  green tea, eat apples. Yes, you, in fact, know everything perfectly. ????

10. Then, after work, tired, you rush home. Admit that at home you are in a better mood? Family is good. And how do you spend time with your family? Have fun and active or at a dense dinner at the TV, and then it turns into lying on the couch. If your lifestyle is low-activity, you should register for training to your taste.

Active classes in dancing, aerobics, fitness, swimming, yoga will help to distract from bad thoughts, get emotional discharge, remove fatigue, add health, you will have new friends, and you just need it. Running to the gym, if not now, then when? Tomorrow? How many times did you postpone for tomorrow and did not keep your promises? Forward to a new future! Through strength, go to the gym. Only during training and after you will understand that you did not come here in vain. The first step is 90% success. I understand that you are very tired at work, and you would only come home to eat and lie on the sofa, but it will not be today. ????
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11. After training, allow yourself a light dinner, relaxing a warm shower, make a face mask, do not forget to take care of the condition of your hands, hair, nails, which require daily care. Communication with family and watching a good family movie can be the final stage of your day. Now you have to get a good night’s sleep in 7 hours, in order to meet new and more interesting day with new strength and good mood. ????

12. Oh, yes, I forgot to say, still you need to write a plan for the next day, in which you will bring everything that your hands did not reach before. The plan is an interesting activity, and the fulfillment of its points is even more fascinating and useful. With a plan, you can do more things, and you will not have questions about what to do when bored. ????

Life does not stand still. To keep up with the times – it means to be able to perceive, process and use new information, not to be afraid of change, to actively participate in the events that are taking place around you. We are screenwriters, directors and main actors of our own film called “Life”. Good luck, guys!
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