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How Breathing Affects Beauty

How Breathing Affects Beauty.

A classic sign of stress is rapid, shallow breathing. That’s why its opposite – deep slow breathing – allows you to calm down. It helps you to stop a stressful reaction or at least control it. Such breathing changes the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body in favor of energy-giving oxygen. Remember that carbon dioxide is a waste product, our cells and systems need a constant supply of fresh oxygen to live and function effectively.

Oxygen is vital to the body, this is the main nutrient. Without it, we will die in a few minutes. The full value of the brain, nerves, glands and internal organs depends on oxygen. Any lack of oxygen affects the whole body, inside and out, on our skin.

Deep Breathing And Beauty

Breathing not only supplies the body with life-sustaining oxygen. Slow controlled breathing is the basis of many oriental practices that return the body to a more balanced state. It is this breath that removes all signs of stress. And if you have ever practiced yoga or tai chi, then you know how a person feels at the end of classes. You feel the relaxation, the flow of energy. You are very far from thinking about quarrels or stressful situations. The world seems very harmonious.
Breathing Affects Beauty
When you focus on your breathing, you do not think of anything else (neither the boss nor the ever-late nanny). This change in the direction of thoughts helps to remove the provocateurs of stress from your mind, to take you to a deeper level of consciousness, and you have the opportunity to see things in perspective.

And let’s not forget that oxygen is necessary for the formation of an ATP molecule (adenosine triphosphate), an important energy molecule of the body. And skin cells also need a lot of energy, because they are very dynamic and perform various actions throughout the day to maintain our health.

It is worth mentioning about the lymphatic system, which also benefits from deep breathing. Lymph is a transparent liquid filled with immune cells, which moves throughout the body through the system of blood vessels.

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It delivers nutrients and carries the decay products, while helping to destroy pathogenic cells, including those that contribute to the deterioration of skin health.
The deeper we breathe, the more active the lymphatic system. The heart performs the function of a pump for the circulatory system, and the lymphatic system of such a “built-in” pump does not. Therefore, in order to move through the body, it can count only on our breathing and physical activity.

The fact that exercise stimulates the movement of lymph was known for a long time, but the role of respiration in this process was not recognized until scientists were able to take a picture of the lymphatic drainage. It turned out that breathing causes lymph to move through the lymphatic vessels.

True, it’s nice to learn that something quite simple (and free) – breathing – can be a powerful tool in the struggle for beauty and health.

Trying To Be Beautiful, We Experience Stress

Your sympathetic nervous system probably works with overload. This is part of our nervous system, which is activated in states of stress, anxiety, danger. It controls our primitive reaction to the danger: “to fight or run away” – and is responsible for the release of stress hormones from cortisol and adrenaline, and increases the pressure.
Breathing Affects Beauty
I will explain in detail how chronic stress burns nutrients in our bodies, destabilizes our brain and hormonal system.

Depression, muscle tension and pain, manifestations of gastritis and enteritis, insulin sensitivity and insomnia are all consequences of the overstrain of the sympathetic nervous system. It’s time to give her a break. Thank God, it balances another part of our nervous system – parasympathetic, which helps to relax the body.

And deep breathing is the fastest way to get these two systems to interact: the body switches in seconds from a high anxiety level to a low one. The palpitation slows down, muscles relax, blood pressure decreases.

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