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How Does Our Breathing Influence The Organism?

1. Breathing is the main source of prana (energy) in our body. Some microbes and bacteria living in our body from atmospheric nitrogen produce the same amino acids that we get with food and from which new cells are then built. Thus, breathing is also food.

2. Breathing is the supplier of oxygen to every cell of our body. Oxygen enters through the lungs into the blood and spreads throughout the body, filling every cell of our body with freshness and prana.

3. Breathing is the link between the mind, emotions and body. The breath of a happy person is radically different from the person’s breathing in sadness, when we are angry with our breath not to be confused with how we breathe in balance and harmony.

Cialis4. Breathing prolongs life. By deepening, it is possible to slow the breathing by about 3 times and the heart and lungs work in the same way, achieving a saving in wear of the organs 3 times.

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5. Breathing massages our internal organs. Massaged almost all organs: the stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines, organs of reproduction.

6. Breathing straightens our spine and gives a beautiful posture. With each inhalation, the man straightens the lungs and spine, deeper the breath, more lung enlargement and straightening of the spine.

7. Breath calms the nervous system. Conscious and directed breathing clears our channels, improving the current of prana along them, filling the nervous system with oxygen.

8. Most of the cells in our body die not from old age, but from lack of oxygen. With the reduction of the respiratory system, the balance of the cells of the whole organism begins.

9. Breathing warms and cools the body of your choice. With the help of various breathing techniques, one can both warm and cool his body, for example, shitli, shtkari, candra chandra have a cooling effect, and suraya bhedana, agnisara and bandhas create a warming effect.

10. Breathing cleanses our body. 80% of the toxins in our body are removed by breathing.

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