How You Can Fix Furniture Defects

How You Can Fix Furniture Defects

How You Can Fix Furniture Defects

Almost always Fixing Defects in Furniture yourself is the best solution. Until the minimum breakdown, that spot in the wood or that scratched in the side of the chair can be serious, and that is why you are reading this article.

After all, everyone in love with furniture needs to have the skills to deal with those problems that appear on the furniture and even though you can not even repair it, you keep thinking and thinking about it.

Thinking about it, this article brings credible solutions on what works to fix the small defect of your mobile without harming it. But only what works well.
First of all, it is worth remembering that all care is little and prevention is still the best remedy.
To proceed with any solution of this article, apply as soon as you recognize the defect, and do not let the situation of the furniture get worse.

Let’s start with the most precious:
How You Can Fix Furniture Defects

How to Remove Rust?

Rust is not just a matter of aesthetics. If not treated in time, it can seriously damage even sturdier parts.
This reaction needs only three ingredients: iron, water and air.
“Rust is the result of the reaction between iron and oxygen,” says USP chemist Jorge Masini. That is: when these two elements come together, they tend to unite to form a third: iron oxide – or “rust.”

To reverse this, the internet offers more solutions than you can count, and most of them (go for me) are very detrimental to the long-term play. Like the soda with gas, baking soda, vinegar and anti-rust found out there.
The best solution to stop rust is in your own home and will require only 1 ingredient and 1 tool:

  • Lemon
  • Toothbrush

Take the lemon and squeeze it over the rusty area. Let this solution act for about 15 minutes.
After time, rub in with the brush. You will see the lemon juice turn brown as you rub. Lemon, besides being one of the best foods in the world, is certainly a great natural way to take rust.

Remember to be aware of the details to fix defects of your furniture, because rust is a natural reaction from the contact of the air with the iron, it is necessary to maintain the furniture.

How to Recover Wood Parts (Marks, Stains and Risks)?

A furniture made of wood can be marked by a blow from a chair or the fall of a harder object on it, for example.
Over time, some scratches may appear on the wood surface and if it is left standing too long in the same unused place, too, since the dirt can often be more corrosive than any other factor.
To repair defects in the piece of wood, start by wiping well with a cloth of wet lint in place.

If possible, do so with a solution of detergent in water. Wipe with a dry cloth afterwards.
You Can Fix Furniture Defects
Now, to address the breakdown, there are some equally effective solutions.

Felt Tip Pen

A material that you find in any building store and does not cost much. You can find these pens in various shades of wood.
Apply it only at risk. If the product falls on the surface of the wood, clean it immediately.

Use Black Tea to Disguise Risks

No use of herbal tea or green tea; the black tea produces the color that corresponds to the wood.
Put the tea bag in a cup and place two tablespoons of hot water (30 ml) on it.
Leave for at least 2 minutes. If the wood is too dark, leave it for at least 3 minutes. The more the bag is seated, the darker the color. Be aware to see when the water is in the color next to your wood.
Use Black Tea to Disguise Risks
Next, immerse a cotton or flexible rod (the famous swab) into the tea and pass the scratch.
Use paper towel to immediately remove the tea that stays on the surface of the wood, so as not to tarnish it.


Another tip, straight from our suppliers, is to not forget the good old oil of peroba. Always apply in the affected region and preferably do not stop for later.
Fixing defects in wood with peroba is most often the best option.

Water and Iron Cloth (for stains)

It is very simple to remove stains from the surface of the wood.
Simply put a wet cloth (not too thin) on the stained surface and pass the electric iron over the cloth where the stain is.
Have patience and keep passing the iron until the stain leaves. It has no error and is a process that does not dirt and does not harm the wood.

Fix Defects in Lacquered Wood

Fix Defects in Lacquered Wood

Fix Defects in Lacquered Wood

Ah, the charm of the lacquered furniture. Who was not attracted to them?
In the past, European artisans mixed varnishes with the secretion of an insect called lacquer (lacquer), obtaining a substance with which they varnished the furniture (eca).
Today, the lacquer application allows you to choose from up to 1200 colors for your mobile. Versatile and encourages the environment.
But some scratches can arise and damage the aesthetics of this furniture.

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To fix this, the eHow site teaches you how to make a solution to remove these scratches from the surface of lacquered furniture.
There is a proper product for this restoration called Sayerlack, but most of the time, if the scratch is not very ugly and recent, it can be reversed with some home techniques.
You can try polishing with automotive wax. Apply the wax with a flannel. Reapply a new coat of wax every two months to keep the looking furniture fresh.
If scratches occur, fine sandpaper (no. 1200) can be passed and then polished with automotive wax. But be careful with the number of sandpaper, so as not to scratch the furniture further.

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