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Does Canola Oil Harm Your Health?

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Recognizing natural foods that can benefit our health is always an extra help for our body’s prevention. Among the most popular we can highlight olive oil, coconut oil and safflower. But what about the famous canola oil? This has always been much sought after, not only for the benefits to good form, but also for the contribution with health. But is it really that it only offers benefits? Research shows evidence that canola oil is bad for health, but are these adverse reactions biased? And what care would be relevant in such use? Let us now know the vision of many professionals who are against the use of canola oil to cook, we will see a little more its action and the possible side effects.

How is canola oil produced?

The oil is made from Colza, better known as canola. Its name has been changed for better marketing, and has Canadian origin. This oil, which was initially known with the promise of being healthier, compared to the other options, is prepared with the hybridization of the Colza plant, which is part of the mustard family. This oil is also widely used in the manufacture of insecticides, biofuels, paints, lubricants, candles and cosmetics.
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We know that olive oil is produced from olives just as sesame oil is obtained from sesame seeds, so it would not make sense if the canola oil were not extracted from the canola seeds, right? Not so wrong.

Canola oil is a genetically modified product, and is recognized as a processed food, which already shows that it can not be so positive for the health of the whole body.

Among the arguments that are used to convince of its consumption, we can highlight the promise of omega-3, fatty acids, in addition to low amount of saturated fats.

Why does canola oil hurt?

More than 90% of its composition is genetically modified;
Canola oil is partially hydrogenated;

It is said that canola oil is harmful to health, if it is for long-term use, in order to offer damages to the kidneys, livers, and even neurological problems. There are several studies on adverse reactions, which leads to reflection on unproven benefits.

As if that were not enough, canola oil is bad for health because it helps reduce vitamin E in your body. Many people seek this oil as an option for diets, but it can still reduce vitamin E in your body, which acts as an important antioxidant.
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As a monounsaturated oil, canola oil has erucic acid, which is a fatty oil, which is associated with cardiac damage, such as Heshan’s disease, which can manifest with fibrotic lesions in the heart.

Product manufacturers, aware that canola oil is bad for health, have attempted to circumvent the researchers, where they tried to seek a method to preserve only the benefits in manufacturing. There are productions that aimed to reduce the production of erucic acid, increasing the percentage of oleic acid, adding some unexpected effects, with only a change of side effects.

We are looking for confirmations about the affirmations, but the fact is that canola oil is bad for health, because this is not a food product, but an industrial one, which justifies its presence in the production of various products. To manipulate this version of the facts, it was then that they opted for the genetically modified Colza.

Canola oil X Olive oil

It is argued that the arguments in favor of canola oil, if compared to olive oil, are merely used for you to choose the most affordable value option. Its production is low cost, but it is these false benefits that convince many people of their consumption. If compared to olive oil, canola oil has lower value, but resemble both are monounsaturated. The oil made with Colza has less essential fatty acids, and are those that offer benefits to the body, such as energy, support hypertrophy, and regulate levels and cholesterol. Olive oil, however, does not go through processing, and has no genetically altered components, so it is worth reflecting on this substitution, since it can offer consequences both in the short and long term.
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Mustard gas

Do you know the mustard gas? Well, it offers deadly danger, and was used as a toxic gas during the First World War. This gas is highly toxic and difficult to dissolve in water. It may be hard to believe, but it resembles canola oil, would this be an ideal accompaniment to your meals?

Importantly, adverse effects may be noticed 12 hours after ingestion, but their effects may extend indefinitely.
Source of omega-3?

Among all the options for vegetable oils, canola oil is one of the most indicated, because it is said to have a high Omega-3 content. It is important that you rethink this benefit because all this nutrient goes through a conversion into trans fats. This transition results in the reduction of the unpleasant odor, very common in canola oil, which also, consequently, reduces the Omega-3 contained, in a significant way, which evidences the inefficiency of the promises of this oil. If this omega-3 is converted, would it make a real contribution? Deodorization is not done by all manufacturers and distributors of this oil.

Health of the arteries and heart

For nutrients to be distributed evenly throughout the body, it is critical that the arteries be unobstructed without any inflammation. There are claims that canola oil would be healthy in order to balance cholesterol and assist in heart health, but the reality is that some inflammation can interfere with the fluidity expected by the arteries. People who already have inflammatory diseases should stay away from this oil. It is worth remembering that healthy habits also contribute to good health, in general, so if consumed with moderate portions, and eventually the consequences of canola oil may be lower.

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It can interfere with the body’s general behavior, so stay tuned. Ideally, you should seek a healthier option to ensure that your body’s functioning remains balanced.
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Reaching the immune, respiratory, nervous system, and many others, stay tuned for some possible reactions that canola oil may offer, such as tremors, difficulty with memorization, shortness of breath, emotional uncontrollers, cardiac arrhythmia, poor hearing ability, and motor coordination , cramps (especially in the feet and hands), urinary incontinence, and many others.

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