Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Is Dangerous, Can Lead to Death

alcoholism Dangerous

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is an acute condition characterized by a set of self-limiting signs and symptoms of varying severity, secondary to total or partial alcohol withdrawal, and may be associated with numerous clinical problems and / or other psychiatric disorders. The aim of this article is to review the main psychiatric complications secondary to alcohol […]

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Arterial Hypertension Risk Factors, Diagnosis And Treatment

arterial hypertension

Diseases of the cardiovascular system have the leading positions. They are increasingly found in young, able-bodied, at first glance, healthy people. One of these diseases is arterial hypertension. Definition and symptoms Arterial hypertension is characterized by a steady increase in blood pressure. This is an asymptomatic affliction, therefore it is still called ´the silent killer´. […]

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Prostate Cancer, Warning Signs, Who Is At Risk

cancer prostate

This article is for informational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. The treatments of each person must be individualized and conducted by health professionals, and the doctor accompanying the patient can indicate the appropriate treatment in each case. The instructions of the doctor and other health professionals accompanying you must be strictly adhered […]

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