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How To Cheer Yourself Up? 10 Simple Ways

Today you are awake again in a bad mood! During the whole week, life is seen in gray and devoid of new vivid impressions. It is urgent to change something, otherwise this mood can absorb you for a long time, and time will not wait until you get rid of depression.

How To Cheer Yourself Up? 10 Simple Ways

Before answering the question of how to cheer yourself up, determine what factors affect your state of satisfaction in general, and what is preventing you from feeling good at the moment. I have mood swings, but I try to get out of them quickly. Most often, these recessions are associated with a lack of communication with close people and low physical activity.

To feel happy, you need to do 6-8 things a day. In this case, you will need to praise yourself and, perhaps, get praise from others, and this is very important and the main thing is pleasant. Below are ways to raise the mood, which work without fail (at least for me).
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Several ways to raise your mood or how to get rid of sad thoughts?

Remember interesting, bright moments from your life. Scroll through them mentally in your head with the reproduction of all the smallest details, so that those feelings and feelings will again wake up in your mind. This exercise will help you instantly cheer yourself up.

Turn on loud loud music that inspires you or winds. Dance to the beat of the music.

Mentally or aloud, say positive statements: “I have a great mood, I am full of strength and energy. Today is the right day to make it amazing and unforgettable! This is what I’m going to do today. ”

Call and arrange a meeting with a friend or girlfriend who always charges you with positive energy, makes you feel good and cause a smile on your face.
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Arrange a walking tour around the city. Fresh air, activity – there is no better cure for boredom.

Think of an interesting and new lesson for the evening that would distract you from bad thoughts. It can be anything:

Read, for example, the book “Robinson Crusoe” in French :).
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Organize a meeting with friends with the preparation of pizza and fun games.

Make a poster of “good mood”, using all your imagination. From old magazines, cut out ridiculous, beautiful photos, pictures, paste them on a large Whatman and for each figure, come up with a positive slogan that motivates you to act. Ready to hang the poster on the wall.

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Chat with an old friend who has not been seen for a long time.

Hover in the closet on the shelves and boxes in order. Old things that you have not used in 2 years can be folded separately or get rid of them completely.

Call your family, you need their love and support.

If there is a person in your life who has a negative influence on you, do not be afraid to stop communicating with him.

Everyone can experience from time to time a bad mood, disappointment, guilt, anger, sadness. We can feel bad at some point in our lives, but we must try to quickly get back to normal, in a state of reconciliation and contentment. Live the present moment and be content with what you are doing !!!
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Someone will say that to enjoy life, money is needed. Of course, you need enough money to meet your basic needs: buying food, clothing, paying for housing. However, a lot of money does not necessarily make you happy. Your comfort will increase along with your salary, but even this is not what makes people happy.

We live in a mobile society in which people, in search of work with greater pay, change their place of residence. Do you think that the growth of wages will make us happier? I do not deny. In fact, our relationship with friends and family has a much greater impact on our happiness.

Surround yourself with people with whom you are comfortable, whom you love and appreciate. ????

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