Chicken Roll

Chicken Roll With Cheese, Baked In Puff Pastry

The recipe is very simple. The only difficulty for beginners is the right chopping of chicken. But with a well-sharpened knife, the fillet is cut very easily.

Chicken Roll With Cheese, Baked In Puff Pastry

The roll is wonderful. The dough crunches and crumbles, the chicken is soft, juicy, with a brackish cheese layer.

This roll can take its rightful place on the festive table.

250g puff pastry,
400 ~ 500g chicken fillet,
130 ~ 150g cheese,
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1. Chicken fillet cut horizontally into two layers. To do this, firmly press the fillet with the palm of the hand to the table and make a cut with a sharp knife so that it divides the fillets into two equal parts in height.

Raw chicken breast fillets

Arrange the resulting fillets on a cutting board and cover them with a foil.
With a wooden hammer, discard the chicken so that the pieces become thin and plastic.


Lightly salt the pieces on one side.

Lay the chipped pieces in one layer with the salty side down. Pieces overlap each other.

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2. Grate Cheese on a coarse grater.

Grated cheese on a cutting board

Evenly distribute the cheese over the chicken layer.

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3. Collapse the chicken in a tight roll.

4. Puff pastry roll to such a size that it can be easily wrapped roll.

Puff Pastry

5. Wrap the dough around the roll. The joints of the dough lightly moisten for better gluing.

Put on a baking sheet covered with baking paper, with a seam down.
Grate the dough with whipped egg.
If possible, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

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6. Heat the oven to 220 C (428 F) and put a baking sheet in it with a roll.
After 10 minutes, when the surface of the dough lightly blushes, close the roll on top of the foil sheet and lower the temperature to 180 C (356 F).
Bake another 30 minutes.

Chicken Roll With Cheese, Baked

It is desirable to serve rolls in a warm form.

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