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Childish Kindness: How To Raise A Child Good

Kindness and the ability to love go hand in hand – these qualities are laid at a very early age, in close relations between the baby and his parents. The key role here, of course, belongs to my mother. Broadcasting the baby “I love you. I accept you as you are. I will love and accept you always – with all your successes and failures “, she cherishes the confidence in the child of people, the whole world.
Childish Kindness: How To Raise A Child Good
Subsequently, the child will understand that the attitude of close people is a feeling that does not depend on the evaluative judgments of others. Children who are free from the need to “meet”, “reach”, “fight for love,” are more inclined to show compassion and happier than others.

Kind fairy tales as a method of education in the child of the Person

A fairy tale is a good helper in the formation of a system of values ​​and attitudes of the little man. The children’s library in the house needs to be approached especially thoughtfully and responsibly. It is important to select literature that has been tested by time and to get acquainted with the contents of each book before purchase.

By the way, as for kindness without weakness, a good example of this we find in Russian folklore – all of our “heroes” were kind-hearted, but could stand up for their homeland and protect the “wretched and wretched”.

Teaching the child to be strong on personal example

In the upbringing of children, a balance must be maintained between loyalty to the child and firmness. Hardness consists in the requirement to observe the rules – through parental perseverance in observing the rules of life, children learn to feel and observe the limits of the permissible. This gives the child a sense of psychological security, making the world around him predictable and reliable.

Simultaneously, the child is brought up strong-willed qualities (removes toys when he does not want it) and the belief that kindness is perfectly combined with hardness.

Develop in the child of natural kindness can only be a personal example – up to 7 years, children are brought up, mainly through imitation
Childish Kindness: How To Raise A Child Good

Pets as a method of education of kindness in a child

The child, especially the only one, is in the position of the youngest, most dependent member of the family. A pet in the house is an excellent option for a baby to feel his seniority towards the weaker being. And, at the same time, learn to exercise care, feel responsibility. Just be sure to discuss on the family council, which kind of animal is right for you.

When choosing a pet, consider all the main points of its content and “exploitation”: hamsters live very little and, as a rule, do not die by their death; the dog is the second child to be raised, the fish can not be held in hands, and so on.
Childish Kindness: How To Raise A Child Good

The child grows “evil”, what to do

First of all, do not rush to hang labels. Learn to differentiate character qualities and short-term emotions – a momentary outburst of anger or unwillingness to share your toy with a neighbor’s boy does not at all mean that a son or daughter grows up as a bad person.

Do not rush to immediately eradicate “evil” in your child. By forbidding a child to get angry, parents make a mistake – the kid learns to hide his discontent, suppressing any manifestations of an internal position that is unsuitable for adults. And emotions that do not find an outlet, in turn, are transformed into psychosomatic psychosomatic symptoms

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Try to clearly convey the idea that agreeing in many cases is more profitable than showing stubbornness and aggression. If the child can not part with the toy in favor of another baby, ask both parties to make an exchange. Does not help? Be sympathetic to the “disadvantaged”, but do not forget to admit that it is always difficult to give your “own”, even for a while. Try to remain an understanding parent in any situation.

A kid is not always able to cope with emotional impulses and calculate the consequences of his actions. But it grows, changes every day and adopts many parental traits. Show the little person a positive example and he will necessarily grow into a harmonious, responsive person.

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