Chocolate Petit Fours

The appearance of the birds is due to the famous French chef and confectioner La Varenna. Until the middle of the 17th century, buns and cakes were baked in the same large ovens where bread was baked. La Varennes was the first to discover the convenience of small stoves for making confectionery. These stoves – “petit fours” – in France gave the name of a small, exquisitely decorated cake.

In principle, any cake can become a bird. It is enough to divide it so that each serving is three times smaller than the usual cake. Nevertheless, many birds are immediately created individually. For example, small tartlets with cream and berries or biscuits “Madeleine”. By the way, colored macaroons, for which the girls of the whole world have been going crazy for several years now – typical birds.

Cooking time 2 h 30 min
The complexity of cooking is easy


  1. 600 g of dark chocolate
  2. 175 g of sugar
  3. 100 ml of rum
  4. For chocolate glaze:
    • 900 g nougat (can be replaced with paste “Nutella”)
  5. For 40 pieces:
    • 90 g of starch
    • For chocolate filling:
    • 1.5 l cream 33%
    • 100 g apricot jam
    • chocolate black
  6. For biscuit:
    • 150 g of marzipan
    • Butter – 150 g
    • flour – 100 g
    • sugar – 100 g
    • 7 yolks
    • powdered sugar
    • 3 vanilla sticks
    • Butter – 50 g
    • 7 eggs

Step-by-step Preparation:

Prepare a biscuit and sugar syrup. Prepare the filling. Mix cream and sifted powdered sugar. Put on the fire, put cream of vanilla sticks. When the mixture boils, remove the vanilla. Add chocolate and nougat. Cook, stirring constantly, 10 minutes; remove from heat and cool well.

Enter the yolks, mix thoroughly. Remove the cream for 12 hours in the refrigerator. The first layer of sponge cake should be greased only with cream, the second and third one should first be soaked with sugar syrup, then also grease with cream. Lubricate the last layer with jam.

To put on 12 h in a refrigerator. Then cut it in small portions with a knife or special molds. Prepare chocolate icing. Melt the chocolate and add the butter while stirring. Bring the mixture to a uniform state. Lower the cut out birds in chocolate, then on the grate.

When the excess chocolate drains, cut the feathers with a knife, put it on a plate and put it away for 20 minutes. Put in the fridge.

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