Tea Or Coffee

Coffee or Tea. What to Give Preference

Tea Or Coffee. What To Give Preference.

In our time, tea and coffee are the most bought and sold beverages in the world. Literally at every corner there are cafes where you can see a diverse assortment of both tea and coffee. Millions of people wake up in the morning from the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or a cup of strong tea. What is more useful for our body? What do you prefer?

teaThe benefits of tea.

1. Cardiovascular system. Tea positively affects the condition of the arteries, helps to lower blood pressure.
2. Teeth. Tea contains antioxidants that prevent the development of caries.
3. Bones. Green tea helps strengthen the bones of a person.
4. Brains. People who drink tea less often suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This drink improves a person’s memory.
5. Weight. Tea, especially green, promotes the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, so that it is easier to control the set of body weight.Only Water

The benefits of tea for our body is great, but this drink can cause harm if you use it in unreasonable amounts.

Harm to tea.

1. Increases the production of juice in the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to gastric ulcer.
2. Hypertension should not be carried away by tea, it can increase blood pressure.
3. May cause insomnia and irritability.

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coffeePositive sides of coffee.

1. Reduces the risk of diabetes.
2. Prevents cancerous tumors.
3. Reduces the risk of getting liver cirrhosis.
4. Excellent struggles with drowsiness.
5. Relieves pain in muscles.
6. It causes a hormone of joy, which improves mood.

Also, caffeine can be harmful to our body
Excessive fascination with this fragrant and invigorating drink can provoke inflammation in the stomach, resulting in possible diarrhea, since coffee has a laxative effect. Coffee can also cause heartburn.

Coffee ishes away useful substances from the body, such as calcium and magnesium. If you drink about four cups a day, the risk of finding osteoporosis is increasing.

People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, the use of coffee is prohibited. It can cause an increase in pressure, though not for a long time. If you eat more than 6 cups of invigorating coffee every day, the risk of becoming a core increases many times.

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The influence of coffee on human health and life
People have been drinking coffee for centuries. Even before people were not able to make coffee, they ate the fruit of the tree. And everyone knew that coffee gives courage and strength. This drink can cure diseases and clears the mind. It will not only be useful, but also harmful properties of coffee.
Let’s start with the benefits of coffee for a person

Even one cup of coffee in the morning can accelerate reactions in the human body, increase concentration and productivity. And, most importantly, in the early morning removes drowsiness.

A huge plus of coffee is its help in overcoming stress or depression, which is very useful in modern society. In addition, coffee improves the functioning of the lungs, accelerates blood circulation and palpitation, dilates blood vessels.

Finally, coffee is an incredibly tasty and fragrant drink that has a positive effect on a person’s mental state and improves his mood.

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Now about the harm of coffee

Only healthy people can experience all the benefits of coffee, since in terms of effects on the nervous system, coffee can cause insomnia, irritability and excessive excitement. People with heart, stomach, intestines, blood vessel disease, and mentally unstable people need to limit or even stop using coffee. But even people with excellent health should not drink coffee regularly, since this drink gradually worsens the health of a person.

You must remember that the constant artificial stimulation of the nervous system can lead to a nervous breakdown, the accumulation of physical and mental fatigue, anxiety and even a heart attack.

Try to follow these tips so as not to harm your health:

1. Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach.
2. Do not drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day.Lean Belly Breakthrough

3. Do not drink coffee all day long – soon it will simply stop affecting your body, stimulating it.
4. Do not drink coffee before bed, you may have insomnia.
5. Try not to mix coffee with smoking, eating fatty foods and alcohol. This greatly overloads your body.

In conclusion, I want to note that in everything you need to know the measure. If you do not get carried away by excessive consumption of tea or coffee, then these drinks will only bring your health a positive effect.

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