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Confessions Of An Alcoholic

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Abilio: Hi, my name is Abilio.
Alcoholics: Hello Abilio.
Abilio: I worked at the stool and I’m an alcoholic. My life was on the right track, I came home drunk, I drink beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels.
After dinner I had sex with my wife and the next day I went to work, everything normal.
Alcoholics: Rich life you had!

Abilio: That’s true, but the reason that made me come to alcoholics anonymous was that I went from the mines and whiskey to the Packed Wine, I was enthralled with LIDL and Pingo Doce Wine, people noticed that my breath no longer It smelt of whiskey but the rotten grape.
Drunk with package wine I beat my wife and forced my son to rob the grocery store because we finished the wine at home.
Alcoholics: Our Feelings.
Abilio: Since I came to the anonymous alcoholics that my life has improved, I went back to drinking beer as if it were water and drinking whiskey as if it were juice, I am sorry that I no longer have my wife to have sex nor a job…
Alcoholics: AH GREAT ABILIO! (Claps! Claps! Claps!)

Moral of the story: If you get drunk with quality you are applauded even if you no longer have a wife or a job, if it is with package wine you are a sad person.

Second Moral of the story: Drinking with quality is expensive, so drink in moderation.

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