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Confidential Guide to Make Money Online

The World Wide Web is used for entertainment and communication, but many users are thinking about obtaining material benefits and want to know how you can make money on the Internet and whether you really can do it without investing a newbie.

To achieve a good income of course you have to try. The amount of the amount will depend only on your own efforts. If you want to earn decent money – then get ready for a difficult, but interesting way.

Why you can and need to make money on the Internet?

And did you know that huge amounts of money are circulating on the Internet – billions of dollars? ???? It is only necessary to make efforts and reach out to them!

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You can receive income on the Internet in the following main ways:

  • perform certain tasks (from the most simple to complex)
  • work through exchanges or directly with customers
  • involve people in online projects
  • place advertising (links) and earn on it
  • invest money
  • open your business on the Internet
  • create useful channels for Youtube, public services, sites and services

Earnings on Android and iOS mobile apps

One of the easiest and easiest ways to earn money is to earn money on applications for Android and iOS. Every day the number of special applications increases and they can find different kinds of tasks that do not require investments and time wasted. Most tasks offer the user to install a certain software (application and games) on their device.
But in addition to downloads, many pay for reviews, appraisals to applications, advertising views and other various activities. Usually, developers are focused on increasing the popularity of their software, so they are ready to pay remuneration to those who contribute to this.

What do you need to earn money? To work, you only need to have a smartphone, a stable Internet connection and a couple of free hours a week.

Make big buck taking surveys

Writing texts

This method is known to almost every freelancer, and quite in demand. Writing articles is not suitable for everyone, but anyone can try. All that is required of you is the ability to correctly express your thoughts, correctly formulate sentences, and good knowledge of the language is also necessary. Also you must possess diligence and attentiveness. In order to increase the income, you need to gain a good rating over time, prepare a portfolio, and the number of positive responses also plays a role. Then you will be more likely to trust expensive orders.

Copy writing is a full-fledged work, only remote, therefore requires appropriate attention, but is available even for beginner.

Earn money on YouTube and your video

This method is ideal for those who are fond of video. Video hosting provides an opportunity to make good money for all users. Placed rollers are able to bring substantial revenue to authors, but for this you first need to work hard. To rush to shoot a video and hope to immediately earn fabulous amounts is not worth it. To begin with, it is necessary to study all the subtleties on which income depends. The subject of the video can be anything, the main thing is that the target audience should be interested. An important point is the promotion of the channel, because even a very interesting video can go unnoticed. The number of videos also affects the amount of earnings. The more interesting they are, the better the channel.
You can monetize the channel in many ways. The most popular is Google Adsense. The profit directly depends on the number of views.
You probably noticed that even before the start of the video on Youtube, the channel owner inserted a small partner video, which suggests clicking on the link in the description for a site and buying something. This is also advertising, which can bring a good income.

Sale of own services on the Internet

Ideas in this case, the mass. You can do copywriting, which we mentioned at the very beginning. If you have a legal education, you can provide legal assistance online. Also the earnings on development, design and promotion of sites are distributed. There are a lot of options for earning your own services, everything depends on how you decide to realize yourself. This method often becomes the main income for most freelancers.

Earnings on your own website

Another great way to make money on the Internet is your website! A lot of users are interested in how you can make money on your website. The advantage of this method in the absence of investment and the opportunity to make the site the main source of income, if it is popular enough. If you do not have deep knowledge in the field of site building – it does not matter. There are special platforms that allow you to create a website on a ready-made template.


The main point is the promotion or in other words optimization. It depends on how the site will be located in the search engines.
The higher the site is located in search results, the more visitors it will receive and the more you can earn on it.
For optimization, it will be necessary to create a semantic core, based on it write and publish interesting articles, buy links to your resource

How to monetize your own website? There are several options:

Publication of advertising articles – in this case you do not have to search for content, only post on your resource.
Contextual advertising – even sites with low attendance today can use this method. He is the most popular and is able to bring a stable income. You simply insert a special code on the page of the site and the advertisement is automatically selected depending on the target audience.
Selling links – in this case you will have to place links to other sites on the resource. For sale and purchase there are special exchanges that make it easier for webmasters to search for similar offers.

Affiliate programs are profitable and simple. Your partner will transfer funds for advertising his site on yours, including the percentage of sales, if any.

Earnings on file sharing and photos

Perhaps, one of the easiest ways to earn money on the Internet. But in comparison with other simple methods, it is able to bring good profits with minimal time. Some users achieve income of several thousand dollars. What do you need to work? Just a stable Internet connection and free time.
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The principle of earning in the following: you need to upload the file to the file sharing service (for example, and the more times it is downloaded, the higher will be the passive earnings of money. So for 1000 downloads you can pay up to $ 7. Funds can basically be displayed on the WebMoney electronic wallet. These resources are a kind of intermediary, where the author of photographs is the seller. For each download of the file, the user is awarded a reward. You can get it when you reach a certain amount.
Many people mistakenly think that it is impossible to earn this way, but as you can see, this is fundamentally wrong. Almost every amateur photographer can place his works on photostock and, if desired, turn his hobby into a good source of income. It is important to take into account that you will first have to pass the fitness test and upload only those images that satisfy the resource conditions. Normally, no pictures are taken on which the filter is applied or there are some other corrections

Earnings on blogging

Create your blog now can easily and easily any person, either a schoolboy or a pensioner! Write articles can be almost any topic – and still choose the ones that you like the most.

What are the earnings on the blog?

The most important thing when earning a blog is the number of unique users who visit it. Based on the number of visits, the amount of earnings from advertising is formed.
Advertising on the blog can be placed as a contextual (for example, Yandex Direct or Google Ads) or teaser and from direct advertisers (eg banners).

Additional earnings from the blog can also be the sale of links – this way more passes for more or less well-promoted sites.
Well, of course, on the site you can post affiliate links to useful projects, online stores and other online services! Revenue with partners can sometimes even exceed the total revenue from advertising!

The advantages of contextual advertising is that it is possible to customize advertising for the design of the site, so it does not spoil the overall appearance. Search engines to this method are good, because they in most cases fully correspond to the theme of the site

To achieve decent earnings, you need to make your blog as interesting to the target audience as they visit such resources mainly for reading.
This is a very real and accessible way of earning on the network.

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