Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese And Fruit Soufflé For Breakfast In 5 Minutes

Breakfast is absolutely necessary for everyone, but it should be prepared quickly too. Cottage cheese and fruit soufflé for breakfast in 5 minutes is an ideal option for a pleasant start to the day.


  • cottage cheese – 250 grams (1 standard pack)
  • 1 egg
  • sugar – 1 table. spoon
  • 1 banana and 1 apple (fruits can add and combine anything)

Cooking method:

Eggs must be whipped together with cottage cheese. After this, you need to cut the fruit into cubes and add them to the beaten eggs.

Also add sugar. Now we have to send our tasty food to the microwave.
At a power of 750 watts, you will have 3 minutes to make a super-breakfast.

As soon as the top becomes dense, the curd-fruit souffle is ready! You can decorate the souffle with cinnamon or jam.

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