Model Behavior

Create Yourself. Choose For Yourself A Model Of Behavior

Create Yourself. Choose For Yourself A Model Of Behavior.

An article on how to correctly apply this or that model of behavior to yourself and look natural at the same time.

Sometimes, when we look at James Bond, Bill Gates or even on the Rabbit from the cartoon about Winnie the Pooh, we want to be like them: as fascinating, rich and intelligent. Or at least behave in a similar way. But in reality we can not do anything.

What to do in this case? To start a little theory. To create a new behavior model for you, you need to understand what a behavior generator is.
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The behavior generator is a special technique that allows you to simulate the behavior of other people in an implicit, unconscious way. It allows you to perform miracles with behavior, giving you the opportunity to learn it “as if another person did it”.

The technique is used strictly following the steps.


Here, you need to choose the model of behavior that you want to study and then simulate. But for success it is necessary that you like this model yourself.

Creating a model image.

In detail, imagine this image from a distance.

Primary synchronization.

Do it so that your appearance, your gestures, facial expressions, postures were as much as possible similar to the chosen model.

Secondary synchronization.

Make the model move, as it usually does, as it gesticulates. How he walks. But do not forget that in your own image must be synchronized with all these movements.


Now your image is changing something in you. As if you’re putting on a new skin. Feel these changes and trust them.


Now stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Call your friends, go to the store. Run out this model. And if the result suits you, use it.

Now that we’ve figured out how to generate a new image, we’ll look at several existing models. In their pure form they are rare. But it is these models that are the basis for development, the basis for the creation of their new “I”.

The Macho model. This sexy handsome, dressed in the latest fashion, with a muscular figure and a cool wheelbarrow. Usually they are found in nightclubs, work as striptees or boys on call.

Model “The Botanist”. Most often lives in high schools. It is a long-eared, bespectacled being with a sweet smile and good-natured temper. Very similar to the Rabbit – a friend of Winnie the Pooh. He lives in his world, the main place in which is occupied by any “smart” kind of activity. Women like it. is aimed at long-term relationships.

The “Romantic” model. This model attracts women by its unpredictability and activity. This model simply lives in romance and directly gives it to the girls. Usually found among artists, artists and just creative people.

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Model “Pofigist.” This is a unique model of conquering a woman at no extra cost. These models do not have for their souls practically nothing, except their hobby, which they live. The work is nonsense, but full of events. Usually flocks are found among “informal” parties. Women are attracted by their unusualness, because they are “not of this world.”

The “Millionaire” model. The most elite in the list. These models are rich or rich to madness. Their habitats are limited to protection and armored limousines. It occurs very rarely. But sometimes it can be found when she walks in the guise of a “common man” on the street.

Now figure out what kind of person you know comes up with this or that model. Create something like a table:

The “Macho” model for me is (the name of a person)

The “Botanist” model for me is (name of person), etc.

And then start working. What did you think? Now your task is to implant these models step-by-step (in turn, of course). Then try to stay in each of them for an hour or two, in order to understand which one is convenient for you. It’s like how to choose new shoes: if you choose the ones that you press, then you will be uncomfortable and the girl next will feel that something is wrong.

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The last stage will be the creation of the model “The New Perfect Self.” When you figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each of these models, sit down and think about which of them you are ready to take.

And, finally, after this, how you will take on these new qualities, you can look in the mirror and proudly say: “I created myself”.

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