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How To Create The Perfect Face

Every woman likes to look after her face and body. But, unfortunately, not everyone pays due attention to their lips, which can flake and crack.

All efforts will go to nothing if the perfect skin of the face and clear eyes will be added to the weather-beaten lips. And all of us know how men love plump and juicy female lips!

Proper care for the lips

The first rule of softness of the lips says that they need to be lubricated every day with warm vegetable oil, preferably olive. In extreme cases, fit greasy hygiene lipsticks (there are special medicinal) or petroleum jelly.

It is also useful to make various soft scrubs. One of the most popular means is candied honey or a scrub from a piece of black bread.
How To Create The Perfect Face
Like any other part of the body, lips need nutritional masks. There are many types of masks, but among them most of all the remedy is from a grated cucumber and a teaspoon of thick sour cream or egg yolk. Well with the care of the lips showed a massage. To do it is very simple: choose the most soft toothbrush and gently massage your lips for 10 minutes.

If you regularly use makeup, use a normal hygiene as a foundation before applying a permanent lipstick. By the way, hygienic lipstick is needed, even if you prefer naturalness. It helps to protect the vulnerable skin from wind, cold and direct sunlight.

However, even the most beautiful and chubby sponges will not look properly if they are hidden behind untidy teeth or bad smell from the mouth. So, you will also have to please your teeth.

Care for health and beauty of teeth

Caring for the condition of your teeth is a very important task, because they are exposed to harmful effects every day. Judge for yourself: bacteria, the effect of coffee, sweet soda, eating too hot or cold food, hard food, smoking. And then a far from complete list of what affects the condition of our teeth.

If you do not give enough time to take care of your smile, you can not really count on keeping your teeth healthy, and on a snow-white smile. And since the ideal woman is ideal in everything, it’s about time to learn the right care.

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First of all, you need to learn how to carry out regular cleaning. So, choose a suitable toothbrush, paste, do not forget about the rinse aid and conduct the procedure twice a day. In the morning brush your teeth after breakfast, and always repeat at bedtime. During the day after a meal to remove food debris, use toothpicks, dental floss and the desired gum.

Dental health directly depends on what we eat, so try not to take very hot or cold food – the food should be warm. Negative effects on teeth alcohol, smoking, harmful drinks. But among other things, tobacco and coffee lead to ugly yellowness, and this does not add points to us.

Sometimes, regular procedures help to improve the color, but often this is not enough. For natural teeth whiteness, use special toothpastes, gels, and drops. Find in the network various folk methods. And in general, you can whiten your teeth in dentistry. But. In pursuit of a Hollywood smile, do not overdo it, otherwise you can generally remain without teeth, but do we need it?

Remove the second chin

The second chin is an unpleasant surprise, which can spoil even the most effective appearance. In addition to genetic predisposition and weight fluctuations, the appearance of an “extra” chin is favored by an incorrect posture. Accordingly, and methods of eliminating the problem – from gymnastics to plastics.

When the second chin appears, usually overweight is observed throughout the body, so the most effective, but complex way is losing weight.

However, not everything is so unambiguous and often this problem is worried about slender girls and women.

Swan neck

Every woman should know that her age is not issued by her face, neck and arms. But, unfortunately, the majority forgets about this part of the body and does not give it any attention at all. And, as it turns out, absolutely in vain.

The skin on the neck is much thinner than on the face, so often, in addition to the cream lotion, it needs special care.

Apply a fat cream and gently massage the skin from the bottom up. For complex care, we must not forget about special gymnastics. Performing simple exercises, you will make the skin supple, remove fine wrinkles.

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