Danger! Inappropriate Use Of Sexual Stimulants Can Lead To Death

Danger! Inappropriate Use Of Sexual Stimulants Can Lead To Death

It is in man’s nature to worry about one’s own sexual performance. Many of them are overcharged to maintain the erection in order to demonstrate manhood and pleasure the woman without failing at the time H. The great problem with this fixation is the stimulant remedies, which end up serving as an escape and being used inappropriately, the which poses a major health risk.

It is very dangerous to use the medicine indiscriminately, it can even lead to death. This can happen to older men or those who have little physical training, because they are at great risk of heart attack. It may also happen what we call priapism, which is when the penis does not relax, maintaining the erection for a long period. If an hour goes by, a doctor must be consulted, as this situation may lead to a lack of oxygenation in the organ, which may become necrotic and need to be removed in a surgical procedure.
Danger! Inappropriate Use Of Sexual Stimulants Can Lead To Death
The situation is worrying, since many men end up resorting to medicines. In São Paulo, for example, a survey conducted at the Reference Center on Human Health, a unit of the State Department of Health, pointed out that one in five men makes improper use of a sexual stimulant.

The remedy is indicated only for specific cases of men who have difficulty dilating the arteries in the penile region. Stimulants, in fact, are not stimulants, because the medicine is the one who needs a stimulus to function. That is, it does not promote horniness. It only works if there is desire. And if the man is healthy and can promote erection alone, the remedy will not make the penis more rigid.

The feeling of better performance is only illusion in these cases. The man believes so much in the medicine that he becomes more confident and relaxed, without pressure and fear of failure. This makes the relationship flow and the psychological believes that it was because of the medicine.
Danger! Inappropriate Use Of Sexual Stimulants Can Lead To Death
This situation can lead to psychic dependence, and man will always end up appealing to the stimulant, it is possible to achieve a good performance without needing medicines. Fear is the result of poor sex education. Man needs to seek affective awareness, to know that sex is connected to the emotional. One must stop worrying only about what the woman is going to think of performance, paying attention to what she likes, enjoying the moment and the woman, without pressure. A woman is not to be faced. Understanding this, the healthy man’s sex will improve without needing medications.

There are several factors that can greatly undermine the sexual relationship of the couple, cool the relationship and discourage men in the hour of sex. Talking too much, not being hygienically up to date, and not allowing oneself to indulge their desires are some of the complaints they make and they say discourage them during sex.

To make intercourse more interesting and to give up on pleasure is worth dare. Men like, very much, to be surprised and to experience something new during the sexual relationship.

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