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Dangers of Fast Weight Loss – Find out!

Do not lose weight very fast. Reduce weight gradually and take care of your health.

The speed of weight reduction depends not only on the method of weight loss chosen, but also on the initial body weight, as well as individual characteristics of the body. And therefore, to give an exact answer and indicate the number of kilograms is difficult. But many nutritionists take as a basis the percentage. So, in the first month, a loss of 10-15% of the initial weight is considered safe for the body. Then the speed will start to decrease and will reach about 5-7%.Numerology

What is considered dangerous fast weight loss

Negative effects are on the cardiovascular system. Everyone knows that excess weight for it is very harmful, but it will become a huge load, as the heart and blood vessels are used to your body weight, and they will take time to rebuild. For example, the volume of blood will decrease (in fact now it is necessary to supply much less tissues), and the vessels will remain stretched, adapted to the original quantity. As a result, jumps in blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances and other malfunctions can occur.

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Possible hormonal failures in women

The fact is that subcutaneous fatty tissue is involved in the synthesis and distribution of certain hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen. And with a deficiency of fatty tissues, their level can decrease, and to critical markers, which often leads to violations of the menstrual cycle, as well as problems with conception. In addition, in the fatty tissues, male and female sex hormones of androgens are transformed into female hormones. Nature has endowed the fair sex with round and mouth-watering forms for good reason, they are necessary for the normal work of the reproductive system and the continuation of the genus. And to interfere with these processes in such a crude way is not worth it.

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Rapid weight loss is a great stress for the body and for all its organs

But the gastrointestinal tract suffers especially badly, because most of the strict diets and extreme ways of weight reduction presupposes sharp restrictions in food. As a result, the produced gastric juice literally corrodes the mucous membranes of the stomach and duodenum, which can lead to the development of gastritis or ulcers. In addition, the negative effect is on the intestines. Due to a decrease in the amount of food and a lack of dietary fiber, the peristalsis of its walls decreases, which often provokes constipation.

If you follow a strict diet, it will certainly help

But here after its termination the weight can return back, and in the increased size. This is due to the fact that, after restrictions, many return to the usual way of eating and begin to consume high-calorie food, as well as increase the amount of servings. As a result, all the applied efforts are in vain, and the body weight again increases rapidly.

Deceleration of metabolism

Quite often, slimming face such a phenomenon as the “plateau effect”, that is, stagnation of weight. A person continues to follow a diet and perform physical exercises, but the mass does not decrease. And this is due to the fact that the body is simply accustomed to nutrition and stress and slows down metabolism, which is a kind of protective mechanism that prevents a critical reduction in weight. But sometimes it happens in another way: the losing weight practically starves, but does not lose pounds or even collects them. And in this case the shock again takes the body. He is stressed because of a lack of nutrients and energy, so he begins to postpone and move to “stocks” literally everything that comes with food, even low-calorie.

Muscles will also suffer, after all, after burning fatty tissues the body starts to spend muscle, which can lead to their dystrophy.

Due to nutritional deficiencies, which are usually observed with a sharp decrease in weight, significant restrictions in eating and refusal of certain foods, avitaminosis may develop. Dizziness, dry skin and cracks on it, headaches, hair loss are just some unpleasant symptoms of a lack of vitamins.

Increased risks of depression

The joy of losing weight can be replaced by obsessive thoughts about food and the devastation associated with the refusal of gastronomic pleasures. And if you add a negative impact on the nervous system due to a lack of nutrients (especially B vitamins), the risks of neuroses, nervous breakdowns and depression increase many-fold.

Listing the consequences of rapid weight loss, it is worth noting a decrease in immunity, which will lead to frequent illnesses.

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Lack of nutrients strongly and extremely negatively affects the condition of the hair: they begin to fall out, become dry and brittle. Suffer and nails: the plates are stratified, thinner, lose a healthy gloss.
Sharp weight loss in any case, will affect the skin. The volumes will go away at a rapid pace, and the integuments simply will not have time to adapt to the new body, since a sufficient amount of collagen and elastin, responsible for elasticity, will not have time to develop in the dermis. As a result, the skin will remain stretched, become flabby, heavily sag. And this is an extremely unpleasant sight. And to return the previous state without surgery, involving the removal of surplus, will not succeed.

The basic rules of correct and safe weight loss

Refer for advice to an experienced professional or at least explore the useful information about losing weight. But in the latter case, it is better to give priority to competent opinion and proven sources, rather than lovers and “self-taught”, which are very many in the worldwide network.

Do not sharply limit yourself to eating, it can lead to breakdowns and slowing metabolism, which will prevent weight loss.

Set achievable goals and do not rush things. Losing weight should be harmonious and gradual.

Make sure that your diet is healthy, varied and balanced, this will ensure that the nutrients necessary for its normal functioning enter the body.

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