Smoking also depresses the brain cells

Dangers of Smoking – Leave Tobacco Now!

To quit smoking you should start by taking home and work all cigarette related objects, such as ashtrays, lighters, or old cigarette packs.Smoking is not a harmless habit, and it has a serious impact on human health. Many simply do not realize the real harm of smoking. Unfortunately, many are only familiar with irreversible or serious diseases (cancer, heart attack, impotence), so they sincerely believe that the risk of their development is not particularly great. But, in addition to them, a number of pathologies develop in the smoker’s organism, which randomly cover internal systems and organs, so, in fact, the consequences for a particular person can not be predicted.

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It should start with the fact that in tobacco smoke, according to recent data, there are about 1000 substances harmful to humans, among them about 50 extremely dangerous. Cigarettes contain poisons, which are direct enemies of human health.
Among them can be distinguished arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, cyanide, hydrocyanic acid, etc. Among other things, during smoking, radioactive substances are released, such as: bismuth; polonium; lead.

One packet for a person a day is the same as 500 x-rays of radiation per year. Most experts rightly put smoking on one level with the use of heroin, one of the most powerful and dangerous drugs.

Which organs suffer during smoking first.

Smoking also depresses the brain cellsOf course, respiratory. Almost every smoker suffers from chronic bronchitis. The fact is that viscous resins envelop the bronchial walls and make them brittle, impermeable. Oxygen is poorly digested, the next unpleasant “surprise” for a smoker is pulmonary emphysema. His internal organs begin to suffer from hypoxia, that is, lack of oxygen. A constant smoker’s cough, shortness of breath, is only a “flower”. The main problem is yet to come. This lung cancer is one of the most terrible types of cancer. Harmful substances literally corrode the lungs of a person who smokes. Its respiratory organs are a black, full resin, rotting mass. Statistics are inexorable: 3/4 of patients with this diagnosis are smokers with experience. But not only lung cancer awaits smokers. They often suffer from cancer of the tongue, mouth and throat. And this is not surprising, because the temperature of a smoldering cigarette on its tip is 700-900 ° C.

Secondly, blood and blood vessels suffer greatly from smoking. With each inhalation of the cigarette, the vessels narrow, and over time, spasms arise in them. Because of this, the pressure increases, atherosclerosis and hypertension develop, heart attacks are more and more often, which can result in myocardial infarction or stroke. In parallel, there is an active formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Hypertension, angina pectoris, ischemic disease very often overgrow in far more terrible ailments.

Another tragic payoff for smoking is obliterating endarteritis.

This is a serious disease of the vessels of the legs. They are so narrowed that gradually the flow of blood almost ceases. And then the necrosis of the tissues of the limbs begins, deep non-healing wounds are formed. And the finale of this disease is gangrene and amputation of the extremities.

Not everyone knows that even visual acuity falls from smoking. But this is not the worst. Recent studies have shown that because of tobacco toxins, blood circulation in the eyeball deteriorates sharply. This is especially dangerous for the retina, it begins to atrophy. A heavy smoker may experience a sudden blockage of blood vessels or a bleeding in the retina and blindness may occur.

The fact that smoking causes impotence is not a myth,

as many smokers think. Carbon monoxide prevents the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, because of which the vessels are affected, and the flow of blood to the sexual organ decreases. Therefore, sexual impotence threatens even young men.

The skin of a woman of Balzac’s age with a fair amount of smoking experience is similar to the skin of a seventy-year old non-smoking old woman. In medicine, this anomaly is known as the “tobacco face” syndrome. It is irrefutably proved that because of tobacco immunity is sharply weakened, the endocrine system wears out and premature aging begins.

Smoking also depresses the brain cells.

A person becomes more distracted, his memory worsens, intellect suffers. People who need quick reaction because of professions are disqualified and become unfit for work ahead of time.

Digestive system and organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Tobacco resins and carcinogens irritate the mucous surface of the stomach and intestines, causing them to spasm and promote acidity. High acid gastric juice leads to regular heartburn, digestive disorders, inflammation of the walls of the stomach, which eventually results in gastritis, gastroduodenitis or ulcer.
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Musculoskeletal system.

Harmful substances in the composition of tobacco affect the bone system, as well as ligaments, muscles and tendons. Under the influence of nicotine, young and elastic cells quickly wear out, prematurely age. Also, pitches prevent the normal absorption of calcium, which increases the chance of developing osteoporosis by several times. As a result, the risk of fractures, dislocations, sprains, bruises and the formation of premature rheumatoid arthritis increases.

Smokers should forget about presentable appearance once and for all.

Yellow teeth, constant unpleasant and repulsive smell from the mouth, premature aging, earthy complexion and a lot of wrinkles – that’s what distinguishes smokers from other people. Smokers are forced to make frequent visits to the dentist, because they often have to remove tartar, causing caries. And the reason for this is tar, which is abundant in tobacco. Darkening of tooth enamel can not be treated even in a dentist. In addition, tar and nicotine actively wash away calcium from the body, teeth and bones become very brittle.

In the female half of humanity, this pernicious habit causes various inflammatory processes in the body, which, in turn, provoke infertility. For women who smoke, it is observed twice as often. Tobacco smoking is also frequent miscarriages, premature babies or children with many congenital pathologies. Especially they are frequent if smoking cigarettes is associated with the use of the future mother of alcohol, primarily beer. Such a pernicious habit is a threat to the health of not only the future mother, but also for the unborn person. It should be remembered that a pregnant woman who does not smoke should be 100% smoke-free. This primarily applies to smoking dads. Otherwise, the risk of spontaneous abortion increases dramatically.

Most smokers explain their addiction to the fact that cigarettes help them deal with stress, concentrate. But this is nothing more than a naive and extremely harmful delusion. Experienced specialists have long established that people suffering from various mental disorders are 40% more likely to go for a cigarette than people without such disorders. But this only exacerbates the problem, but does not fight it. Getting rid of all kinds of dependencies is very difficult. This is sometimes accompanied by high financial costs, frequent visits to a specialist. And only half of cigarettes are smoked due to physical desire, psychological peg plays an important role when a person smokes for a company, because of inability or unwillingness to occupy themselves with something useful, fear, insecurity, etc.

There is not one internal organ that does not suffer from tobacco. Victims of this addiction often become children. In families where at least one of the parents smokes, the children have an elevated cholesterol level in their blood. Tobacco smoke significantly reduces their amount and “useful” cholesterol, which prevents the development of heart disease. In addition, a daily harmful example provokes the representatives of the younger generation and try this “forbidden fruit” themselves. Thus, a negative chain is formed: an addictive habit stretches from father to son, from son to grandson, etc.

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