How To Develop Self-confidence: Be More Confident

Self-confidence is the difference between when you feel that you can not be stopped, and when you lose your mind from fear. Your perception of yourself greatly affects how others perceive you. Perception is a reality. The more confident you are, the higher your chances of success.

How To Develop Self-confidence: Be More Confident

Despite the fact that many factors that affect self-confidence do not obey you, there are still a few things with which you can consciously strengthen it.

One of the things that keeps people from developing and changing lives is the fear of failure and lack of self-confidence to overcome this fear. The question is how to overcome fear in yourself? It is necessary to develop and gain self-confidence. Below are 25 tips on how to gain self-confidence.

All these methods are not revolutionary, but they are effective. The list is certainly not exhaustive. And you do not have to do everything as if it’s a recipe … choose the tips that you like best, and try them.
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1. Find your soulmate.

Often, no one else, like the person closest to you, can bring joy and confidence in your life, support you in difficult times.

2. Change the style of clothing.

If you are well and presentably dressed, you will feel accordingly. Dress up so that every day like yourself 100% and periodically change the style of clothes, so that there is no monotony in life. It is not necessary to wear a suit for $ 500, you can wear casual clothes that look nice and presentable, sometimes please yourself with new things.

3. Look at yourself.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Try to find what you like, and vice versa, what you would like to remove. And now, try using your hair, makeup or clothes to make your strengths in appearance or figure more pronounced and make your weaknesses less visible. If you do not know how to do this, read the tips of experts on the Internet, see how to dress up famous people of your type.

4. Think positively.

You can change only one thing in yourself, and your entire life will change. Try to change your thinking. Try to look at yourself and the world around you with a new look, more calm and positive. Now it’s popular to read about the power of thought, since it really works. Do not judge either yourself or others. Accept yourself and others as they are, and try to see in everything the positive moments.

5. Become a person.

You must learn to think, speak and act on your own. Many people have patterned thinking or collective thinking. Try to stand out from the crowd and confidence will grow in you. Learn to defend your point of view (your opinion) or the ability to insist on your own.

6. Know yourself.

To defeat the enemy you need to know him well. You can not defeat fear without knowing it, without looking into his eyes. Keep a diary of yourself and your thoughts, try to be honest with yourself. Then analyze all the thoughts and events of the last days, weeks, perhaps you will see a cause-and-effect relationship. And then start thinking positively about yourself, about the changes that you want to make in yourself. Think about what prevents you from changing or taking a new step, the real limitations are or they are just invented by you.
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7. Do not just think: act.

In addition to positive thinking, you must bring it into action. Actions, in fact, are the key to developing self-confidence. At first you learn to think positively, after which your actions change. You are what you do, and therefore, if you change what you are doing, then change and who you are.

8. Be kind and generous.

Being kind to others is a powerful way to improve self-esteem. You start to feel good thinking that you are a good person.

9. Know your principles and goals.

Do you have principles? On what principles is your life built? What are you striving for? If you can not easily answer these questions, then think about who you are, why you came to this world. A principled person is a self-assured person. Anyone who knows the short-term and long-term goals of his life is a successful and integral person.

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10. Speak slowly and clearly.

Such a simple thing, but it can affect how others perceive you. Strong people speak calmly and slowly, they are confident in themselves and that they are being listened to. Try to work with your speech, because almost all people have pauses and hiccups (eee, mmm, etc.), remove them, as well as the words parasites (well, type, that’s it). Do not go to extremes – do not talk quietly or too slowly. And most importantly, say what you think and think what you say.

11. Improve posture.

Try to always keep your back straight, do not slouch. When you walk with an even back, when you look ahead of yourself, and not on the ground, it gives you confidence, and it looks good from the outside. It is equally important to sit, not slouching. Rehearse in front of the mirror, improve not only your posture, but also your mood and even your well-being.

12. Set a small goal and reach it.

People often make the mistake of setting very high goals, and then, when they fail, their hands drop. Instead, set more realistic goals and try to reach them. With each victory you will gain confidence.
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13. Change some habits.

Try not to take on one great habit, for example, smoking. And engage in small habits, for example, wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual or leave work on time. Something small that you know exactly what you can do. Do this for a month. When you achieve the result, you will feel much better than when you just started to change yourself.
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14. Focus on solutions.

If you like to complain or focus on your problems, then change it right now. Start focusing on the solutions to the problem, not the problems themselves. If you have a “I’m lazy” in my head, how can this help you? Start thinking “Where can I get energy and how much less energy is wasted.”

15. Smile.

Try to start smiling more often. In your life, everything is not as bad as you think, and there is always a reason to smile or rejoice. Be cheerful and positive. This you will help not only yourself, but others.

16. To be grateful.

Be grateful for what you have in life, for what others have given you. Be sincerely grateful and people will feel it in you.

17. Self-education.

Investing in yourself is one of the best strategies for building self-confidence. You can do this differently, but one of the most reliable ways to expand your possibilities is yourself through knowledge. The Internet is an excellent tool, of course, but also there are books, magazines, educational institutions.

18. Watch yourself.

Notice how you gesticulate, move, how you stand. Look into the eyes of the interlocutor. Whether you interrupt the interlocutor. Whether you like to give advice to others while complaining about your life. Be honest with yourself and then much can change.
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19. Become active.

Doing something is always better than not doing anything. Of course, doing something, you can fail or make a mistake… but mistakes are part of life, we learn from mistakes. Without overcoming mistakes and problems, we will never become strong. So do not worry about them. Just start doing something – sports, creativity, your business, raising children, traveling, learning a foreign language – whatever, the main thing is that your life has acquired meaning and filled with new colors.

20. Be in the forefront.

Often people try to take a place in the last ranks – be it a lecture, presentation or a meeting. This is caused by subconscious fear of being noticed. Try this aspiration in yourself and develop the habit of always sitting down in the first or, in extreme cases, in the second row.

21. Establish contacts.

Learn to communicate, first to make contact, to establish new acquaintances. This will help liberate yourself, gain more self-confidence and expand the circle of acquaintances, and hence opportunities.

22. Public Speaking.

Help to develop self-confidence in public speaking. Most try to get away from them, but you take a word at meetings, presentations, do not be afraid to ask questions to others.
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23. No comparisons with others.

There is no sense in comparing yourself with others and doing self-interest. Compare only yourself today with yourself yesterday.

24. Praise each other.

Unfortunately, we hear praise and compliments in our address is not often, although, of course, we all deserve it. This greatly affects our confidence. Begin the first to say compliments and praise another, and it will come back to you.

25. Spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice will help not only deal with your fears and self-doubt, but also to know yourself and the purpose of life, to find pacification and harmony in life, to work with your character.

Some tips may seem useful to you, some do not. It is not important. The main thing is to start something, start to change and go to a new life. Try it and you will certainly develop self-confidence, and most importantly, change yourself and your life!

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