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Easy Sleep Hacks You Need For A Good Night’s Sleep. 12 Secrets

Science speaks of how much sleep a person needs to complete recovery. But if you experience problems with falling asleep or often wake up in the morning, there can be no question of quality rest. There is no one universal secret that would be equally suitable for all people. Listen to our advice and choose those sleep hacks that seem more acceptable to you.

Do not need to sleep 8 hours

Recent scientific research shows that not all people will need 8 hours of continuous sleep for complete recovery. If you are one of those who need less time to “reset”, you will never be happy in this mode. This indicator is purely individual, so be guided by the sensations. For example, if 6.5 hours of sleep give you a sense of cheerfulness for the next day, then these indicators are optimal for you.

Get Rid of Pajamas

Do you want to make your dream more quality? Then completely get rid of clothes. Nudity allows your skin to breathe and keeps the body under the blanket cool. This method facilitates falling asleep and prevents frequent night awakenings. Well, if you sleep in the same bed with a partner, the lack of clothes increases the power of sexual desire. Frequent sexual relationships increase the degree of satisfaction with life.

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Fall asleep under a running TV

Many scientists believe that the glow, which radiates the TV screen, prevents the production of the melatonin sleep hormone. However, some people feel uncomfortable without a working TV and sleep under it even better. The expert on sleeping Michel Crouch does not see anything reprehensible in this. Tip: Reduce the volume of the receiver and put a timer, so that at night you do not wake up from the noise of obsessive advertising.

Consider strange features

Some people have curious features of falling asleep. The function of white noise can very well perform a radio wave with slow music or a player with your favorite songs. Someone from an adult sleeps in an embrace with a teddy bear, and someone within 15 minutes vigorously shakes a blanket under a blanket. Find a feature that will work for you, and make it a part of your nightly ritual.

Eliminate alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are known depressants. However, many people mistakenly believe that a small portion of a strong liquor improves sleep. Yes, after drinking alcohol you fall asleep more quickly, but during the night you will repeatedly wake up. This technique does not work if you want to improve sleep quality.

Eliminate nasal congestion

If one of the spouses snores in a dream, this negatively affects the quality of the partner’s rest. But before eliminating the problem, it is necessary to find out its cause. You would never have thought that snoring can provoke a latent allergic reaction.

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Watch out for circadian rhythms

Yes, you can go to bed too early and hope that in the morning you will wake up completely rested. But somewhere around 4 am each time your dream will be interrupted, and until the alarm signal you no longer close your eyes. This does not indicate the presence of insomnia, just do not go to bed at 8 pm, if you need the same amount of time for rest. By simple experiments, push back to a later time.

Stop worrying

Some people actually have problems falling asleep, since their minds feverishly work before going to sleep. They think about the day ahead, the fate of their children … If you are among the disturbing people, use the following trick: in the evening, take a sheet of paper and write down all the points that cause you increased concern. Conduct this experiment on a daily basis, so describe everything that can frighten you with the coming of the next day. Make explanations in the margins in the form of suggested solutions.

Stunts to distract the mind

There is another way that will distract your brain from heavy thoughts: it’s about simple arithmetic calculations. For example, take the number 7 and add to it as much each time. Count until you get bored and you do not fall asleep.

If you have a serious problem, make an appointment with a clinical psychologist
If you have insomnia, do not take self-medication and buy drugs at the drugstore to facilitate falling asleep. Get a referral to a clinical psychologist specializing in sleep. The expert will be able to find and completely eliminate the problem, and the sleeping pill only muffs it for a while.

Exclude caffeine at night

Some coffee makers are so used to coffee that they do not think their evening without a favorite drink and have no problems with falling asleep. This indicates that caffeine keeps them in an easy stage of sleep.

Choose the ideal position for sleep

Sleep on the abdomen is the worst situation for the spine and neck. Sleep on the left side does not suit those who have heart problems. Ideally, if you fall asleep on your back with a small pillow under your knees for support.

Strange sleep disorders

Most people have never heard of strange sleep disorders. For example, in cases of REM-phase disorders, people regularly experience severe nightmares and even paralysis on awakening. They wake up and can not move for a few seconds, at which time hallucinations are created before the eyes, which can be accompanied by a sensation of soaring (the exit of one’s body). In this case, the transition from one stage of sleep to another can be accompanied by loud sounds.

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