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How To Eat To Be Healthy? Tips From Expert Dietitians

healthy pure reiki healing masterAny healthy food is primarily a packaged Energy. The zero level is the Energy of the Sun! The first level is the recycled and packed Energy of the Sun. Such packages are all elementary cell plants. The second level is packed and processed Energy of the first level. Such packages are animals, eating plants and the simplest cellular. To the same level are predators eating the second level of packages, but since there are no higher living creatures, we have two levels of food relative to man.

How To Eat To Be Healthy? Tips From Expert Dietitians

If you know how to think, you will realize that for the splitting of the first level, the costs of the Energy are much less than for the splitting of the second level of food. Thus, to feed the body spends the energy needed to create and manufacture special Splitter-Enzymes. The lower the level of food, the easier the body and the costs are minimal.

More recently, it was popular opinion that meat and meat products are widely used in human nutrition. They are one of the main sources of high-grade proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals. The meat contains essential amino acids. Young meat is very useful for children.

But in recent years, medical scientists have discovered that there is a direct link between eating meat and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. This made them fundamentally change their attitude to meat food.

The studies conducted have conclusively proved that after alcoholism and smoking, eating meat is the main cause of death. The human body is not able to cope with excess fat and cholesterol.

A survey of 214 scientists in 23 countries showed that they all agree that there is a relationship between eating meat and meat products, cholesterol in the blood and cardiovascular diseases. Excess cholesterol, deposited on the walls of blood vessels, can cause increases in blood pressure, cardiovascular insufficiency, strokes.

On the other hand, scientists at the University of Milan have proved that the protein of plant origin normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood. With regard to cancer, according to recent studies, there is a direct correlation between meat consumption and colon cancer, breast and uterus cancer.healthy digestive system

What are the reasons that people who eat meat are prone to these diseases?

One of the reasons, according to biologists and nutritionists, is that the human digestive tract is not adapted to digesting meat. By its anatomical and physiological characteristics, the human gastrointestinal tract has more similarity with herbivores than with carnivores.

A man (like a herbivore) has a long intestine, therefore, as a result of digesting meat products and prolonged presence in the intestine, the resulting toxins and toxins are excreted very slowly from the body. Partly they are absorbed into the blood and poison the entire body, and in part, like a scum on a teapot, are deposited on the walls of the intestine. The latter complicates the work of the kidneys, promotes the development of gout, arthritis, tumors, including cancer.

In addition, at meat processing plants, meat is treated with nitrites and nitrates, which give the meat a red color and protect against infections. If this is not done, the meat, a few minutes after slaughtering the animal, becomes disgustingly gray-green due to decomposition processes. However, it is not a secret that nitrites and nitrates as a result of biochemical processes become N-nitroso compounds that promote the formation of cancerous tumors.

Scientists from the New York Maimonides Medical Center found that if the herbivore rabbit is fed with animal fat, within two months the walls of its blood vessels become clogged with fat secretions, causing a disease similar to human atherosclerosis, the digestive system of which is also not designed to digest meat , in contrast to predatory animals, which have an almost unlimited ability to regulate the body content of saturated fats and cholesterol.

The following facts testify to the human’s belonging to herbivores: our digestive tract is six times longer than the body, in contrast to predators, with a relatively short tract so that the decay products of meat, which decompose very quickly and begin to decay, can be removed from the body. The concentration of hydrochloric acid is 10 times less than in animals consuming meat.

In order not to list all the signs, it is enough to conduct the test yourself – put on the table a piece of raw meat and a bunch of grapes or a fresh cucumber. What will the hand of a person reach to immediately satisfy hunger? And now offer to make the same choice, for example, a cat or a dog.
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British and American scientists who study intestinal bacteria have found out that there are great differences in the bacterial flora of the intestines of vegetarians and meat eaters. Bowel cancer is very common in North America and Western Europe, compared to, for example, vegetarian India. The United States ranks first in terms of meat consumption and there is the highest death rate from heart disease. It’s not for nothing that the American public is paying so much attention to a healthy lifestyle, one of the constituent parts of which is vegetarianism.

At the same time, a small tribe of Huns, living in North India and Pakistan, became famous throughout the world due to the fact that the average life expectancy is 115 years, the diseases are almost unknown to them. There is not a single case of colitis or cancer. They feed on the members of the tribe exclusively lactovegetarian food.

Another interesting fact is that during the World War, the inhabitants of Denmark and Norway became forced vegetarians because of a shortage of animal food. Only in one year of such a diet the mortality from cardiovascular diseases decreased by 17 percent. However, after the war, the Danes and Norwegians returned to the meat diet, and the disease level immediately rose to pre-war level.
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Based on the results of similar studies, the American Academy of Sciences reported that people can avoid many cancers by eliminating the consumption of meat and eating more fruits, vegetables and cereals.

After all, fruits and juicy vegetables are a natural food for people.

“But what about the use of proteins and essential acids?”, One of the readers will ask.
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Leading experts in the field of dietology say: 20 years ago it was believed that the daily rate of protein intake is 150 grams. Today, the norm is officially recognized as 45 grams per day. Why?

Thanks to studies conducted in a number of countries, it is well known that the body does not need a lot of protein. Excessive use of it is not only useless, but also brings great harm to the human body. Moreover, it can cause serious diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. To get 45 grams of protein a day, it’s not necessary to eat meat. The protein of cereals, legumes, nuts, vegetables and fruits fully provides the necessary amount of protein. Dairy products, such as cheeses, are high in protein. Peanuts contain protein more than sausages and beefsteak.

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And, finally, the opinion of nutritionists that high-grade proteins containing 8 essential amino acids necessary for a person are found only in meat, eggs and dairy products, is refuted. Studies conducted by nutritionists in Sweden and Germany showed that most vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and grains are a source of high-grade proteins, which, moreover, are easily absorbed by the body, in contrast to proteins of animal origin.
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Do not forget that the plant world is the source of all kinds of protein and all its strength is aimed at strengthening the vitality of the body.

Well, and, finally, for those who were not convinced by the above arguments, the information for reflection:

In ancient China, one of the types of death penalty was that the perpetrator was put in a cell and fed only with fatty meat. Soon, because of the inability to digest this food, the convict died in agony.

In a normal state, the body must receive food from the soul, the soul from the spirit, the spirit from God. The exclusion of any link in this sequence is unacceptable, and life, built on the primitive principle of satiating one’s body with food, without taking care of the rest, is a very successful regression path.

Our duty is to take care of our bodies in the best way and to improve them as much as we can. Never treat a physical body badly. Take care of it, how would you care for a good horse, giving it enough rest and nourishment and keeping it clean. What should you eat? While you are avoiding alcohol and meat food, it does not really matter.
There is no doubt that vegetarianism is better than meat eating in any respect. It delivers more true nutrition, reduces susceptibility to disease, gives more endurance and does not stimulate a lower nature. A vegetarian diet allows a person to develop their higher qualities much easier.

Refrain from eating meat, poultry or fish, three or more days before the initiation (initiation) of reiki. Often they contain the remains of chemicals that were given to animals. Their meat also carries the negative energy of animals (including fear, pain, unsettledness), and this can affect you.

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