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On The Edge Of The Earth: 7 Cities Above The Cliff

On the edge of the earth: 7 cities above the cliff.
Let’s talk about the most unusual cities that are built on the rocks. You look at the pictures and take your breath away. But someone lives there!

Over the past two and a half thousand years, cities have emerged in the most unusual places: Pokhara – high in the Himalayas, Venice – on islands in the middle of the sea and even in Antarctica with its harsh climate there are 45 scientific stations. In this article we will talk about 7 cities that are built on the very edge of the cliff. Their appearance at the same time bewitching and a little scary.


Country: Spain
Population: 40,000 people
100 km to the west of Malaga is a small Spanish town of Ronda. It is noteworthy that its buildings stand on the tops of two rocks. Right on the edge of a hundred-meter-long canyon of El Tajo. Two parts of the city are connected by a beautiful three-porch bridge Puente Nuevo, which was built in the XVIII century by the project of the Spanish architect Jose Martine de Aldeuela.
How to get there:
1. We fly to Malaga.
2. We take the bus to Ronda and in three hours you are in place.
If there is no desire to go by public transport, rent a car.


Country: France
Population: 2,700 people
Bonifacio is a small town in the south of Corsica, divided into two parts: the lower and upper, which is located on the edge of a steep rock. The height of the cliff is more than 80 meters. In good weather, you can see Sardinia from the city. It is separated from Corsica by a small strait.
How to get there:
1. We fly to Ajaccio.
2. We take a bus to Bonifacio and drive 130 kilometers along a winding mountain road.
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North Bondi

Country: Australia
Population: 8500 people
North Bondi is a suburb of Sydney. It is located 7 kilometers from the city center next to the popular beach of Bondi Beach. In translation from the language of the Australian aborigines, “Bondi” means “the place where the water crashes against the rocks with a crash.” In the case of the district, the name is completely justified. Houses stand on a rock 80 meters high, through the open windows can hear the sound of the ocean.
How to get there:
1. We fly to Sydney.
2. Near the central station we take the bus and drive 30 minutes to Bondi Beach.
In order to view all the beauties of Australia, and not just Sydney and its suburbs and large cities, we advise you to rent a car and go on an autotravel trip across the continent.


Country: Italy
Population: 4000 people
Pitigliano is a small town in Tuscany, located on hills in the height from 300 to 663 meters above sea level. He is famous for his synagogue. For a long time, there existed the largest Jewish community in Italy. Thanks to this, Pitigliano is sometimes called “small Jerusalem”.
How to get there:
1. We fly to Florence.
2. We drive to the railway station Albinia. From her to Pitigliano, there are regular buses.
3. You can get from Siena, but then you’ll have to catch a bus purposefully. It leaves only once a day.

Castelfolit de la Roca

Country: Spain
Population: 1000 people
In the province of Girona, near the only basalt in Spain, is the small village of Castelfolit de la Roca. It is located on a cliff 50 meters high. Houses densely adjoin each other, forming a common line. The first mention of this place dates back to 1096 and is associated with a castle that used to stand on a rock.
How to get there:
1. Fly to Barcelona.
2. Take a bus and drive 2 hours to Castelfolit de la Roca.


Country: Spain
Population: 56,000 people
The city of Cuenca is located at an altitude of 946 meters above sea level. Since 1996, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the perfectly preserved medieval buildings. The houses were built during the heyday of the Castilian city, when in Cuenca there was a production of wool and ivory was processed.
How to get there:
1. We are flying to Madrid.
2. We sit down on the train. It takes 2-3 hours. The ticket costs from € 14 to € 35.
3. There is a cheaper option. We take the bus to Cuenca and drive for 2 hours.
4. There is a more comfortable option. We rent a car and go to the autotrip in Spain.

Polignano a Mare

Country: Italy
Population: 16,000 people
33 kilometers south of Rome on the Adriatic Sea is the city of Polignano a Mare. Tourists come here for two reasons: to look at the old buildings hanging over the precipice, and to swim in the sea. The water here is very clean. A clear demonstration of this is the international award “Blue Flag”, which is awarded to the safest beaches of the world according to the version of the Foundation for Environmental Education.
How to get there:
1. Fly to Rome.
2. We go by train with one change. Travel by rail costs € 67.
3. In Rome, you can take the bus and drive to Polignano a Mare.

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